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This was actually written by a University Professor

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    This was actually written by a University Professor

    The following was actually written by a University Professor as an assignment for their students. One of my BJJ team mates got this as an assignment and asked me to help with it. I'm still kinda scratching my head.

    Final evaluationReport in the e-business course
    Part one: Write a research with the following title:
    “Guidelines for transforming from traditional business to

    Through using different published scientific articles, you can benefit from thefollowing links, also you can search for more resources on the internet that supportyour thoughts, in order to accomplish this final evaluation report.
    The Links for the scientific articles and blogs:
    The Subtitles of the research you need to go through to develop a scientificresearch. (The scientific research steps) are as follow:

    : You will write it when completing your research, (after completingall the other titles).

    You will write about the variables of your research throughgoing from the general to the specific, (what do we mean by: traditional business, digital business, infrastructure..)


    Problem statement:
    defining the gap that the research will discuss (from thetitle of the research).

    Research objectives:
    the results that the research will accomplish towards theend of it (every objective talk about one variable or the relationship betweentwo variables).5-

    Research significance:
    the importance of this research and who will benefitfrom its results.

    Research Questions:
    for every objective you will need to answer onequestion or more to achieve it, that is you need to rewrite the objectives in thequestion's format, in order to transform them into questions as needed toanswer the main question of the study, when answering the sub-questions.7-

    the scientific method that you will use through working onyour research.8-

    through literature review, discussing the related sub-subjects, andwhat is your own opinion?9-

    the final recommendation which is the set of steps that the business needs to take in order to transform into an electronic business.10-

    List of references:
    through using the (APA) referencing style, to documentthe citation in all the parts of your research, as shown in the following example,for more understanding visit the link below:
    Furthermore, which moved from e-business totraditional business was examined regarding the changesoccurred in different various dimensions offered by (Dutta,2001) and Liu, (Lu and Yang, 2008), especially in organizationalstructure, organizational culture and supply chain. Thesedimensions are defined for businesses that want to transforminto e-business from traditional business.
    The (APA) referencing style:
    Part Two: Answer the following Questions:

    Talk briefly about two Innovative EC Systems.2-

    Discuss most important points of the Social Media Revolutions.3-

    Explain the m-commerce and its Attributes.
    See original here:
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