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    Originally posted by DdlR View Post

    For the record, Bill Paul was a senior judoka and a very smart cookie. His system was developed during the '70s and early '80s specifically for use in professional psychiatric care scenarios, where care workers need to defend themselves against attacks by people who are literally not in control of themselves, and therefore the care workers are ethically and legally obliged to use non-violent defenses. If you want a really depressing read, check out how many psychiatric patients are killed or seriously injured in "restraints" applied by well-meaning but under-trained staff in a given year. Paul's system was easily the most sophisticated method of that type I've ever seen, but unfortunately he died young and his system didn't get the chance to spread outside his own professional sphere (Boston-area psychiatric care units).
    Fair enough, and I'll pass on the depressing read. The 70's where a rough decade for psych patients so credit to the guy for trying a different approach.



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