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    Master X Story...

    Listen, I have been around here for a longtime and I don't usually post here. But there was this strange story from mid-2000s that has always been in the back of my head. I remember there was a bit of a talk about it here.

    Does anyone remember that strange Master X story?

    He is supposed to be some urban legend of a Kung Fu master who went up against MMA fighters during the mid-2000s when MMA was popular. Many stories about him or maybe not many but some thread was about him holding his own against an MMA fighter while another one was a person going to his training studio and it was a bit of a strange experience in terms of training and all.

    The whole thing is a blur to me but some folks vaguely remember this story as well.

    8 years is not a long time

    It is fake was purchased by the site as a child 50 years ago

    now that's a long time



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