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This cop is trying to arrest me

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    This cop is trying to arrest me

    Last edited by PHILBERT; 7/02/2008 2:13pm, . Reason: Because I felt like it.

    Call the A-Team.


      The first issue is whether he can arrest you outside his town for a lousy traffic ticket and the short answer is probably not.

      Personally I would pay the lousy ticket and then write a letter of complaint to whoever supervises the police department telling them that one of their officers is acting in an unhinged manner over something that does not warrant such a response.


        Call a lawyer.


          Take a word of advice.

          Do not mess with cops.


          All you need to is to file a report, and being that you have no hard evidence. They are going to look at your being an offender with tickets and fines in your records and file your grievance in the trash.

          But that's just me.


            Without TRYING to play devils advocate, there is always two sides to the story. Everyone fails to leave out those critical details that make them look bad or remove credibility, at the same time emphasizing the other other guys faults or possibly leaving out critical details to the other guy's position.

            The reason I say this is because I have dealt with the law on quite a few occassions. Each and every time I was in the wrong and have been treated fairly by just NOT doing one thing: Acting like a complete ass. Caught at an ATM with weapons, alcohol as customers thought we were going to rob them (waiting for my dad to show up to give me weekend money) at the age of 15? Cops let us go. 2 outstanding warrants for my arrest for no insurance and no tags on my car? Again released with a promise to pay. Caught at the beer store with a felon buying us beer, we had drugs and weapons - taken to the station - and then released. These are just a few of the incidents I had when I was a kid. This doesn't count a couple of traffic stops where I was simply cautioned, etc.

            Overall my experience is probably pretty typical. I think cops have much bigger things to worry about. UNLESS you provoked him somehow. Is there some detail of the story you left out? Like you got this cops little sister pregnant?

            Things like: Yes. No. I apologize. I fully understand I was wrong. Thank you.
            Those things work wonders.

            Things like: WTF? Dude no way, its not my fault because_____________, gimme a break I pay your salary with my taxes, you are being an egotystical dick, you musta dropped out of junior college to get this job, huh?
            Those things create disasters.


              Well after reading that last little bolded comment I make a summary judgement: You are a fucking dick - hence you deserved to get fucked with.

              Case closed.


                Did you do the shit the ticket was for?

                Then shut up and pay it.

                And calm down and post in sound like you should be getting yelled at buy judge judy.

                edit: To the OP. Not mr. spinny head.


                  I'm not surprised the least with this. For each good cop, there is a corrupt sociopath or two in uniform. Best thing would be to put a surveilance camera or something in your surroundings, and film every single time that cop shows up. I've seen enough of their crap first hand that I will never assume again they are different from the cops south of the border. Bah!

                  Unless you get hard evidence in the form of surveilance films (or if you get a newstation program to check it out, like "Help Me Howard" of SoFla channel 7), do not pursue it. This fucker has it with you, and is his word (the blue knight of justice) against yours (the very bad guy who doesn't pay the tickets)... To the gullible people and corrupt mafia that a lot of cops actually are, who do you think they will believe?

                  Unless proven otherwise, I will always believe a sociopath in blue uniform could and would follow me around, pull me over when least expected, break my legs, claim that I resisted arrest, fuck me over and walk away as the hero that protects the communicity.


                    Well man, if that town doesn't do things completely on the up and up then you probably have no chance unless you somehow can sue him out of venue and then you still have little chance of getting anything done IMO.

                    Pay the ticket and forget about it is my advice. Dealing with the occassional asshole cop every now and again is generally the norm for living anywhere.


                      Looks like you have a problem paying your tickets. I don't really consider it Law Enforcments duty to do so. That's generally the clerk of courts I believe.

                      Maybe the LEO's really are the problem, I don't know. However, I'm with yrkoon on this believe most (if not all of it) is problems of your own making and not taking the blame.

                      MMA Record vs Llamas 0-1-0
                      (The Llama bit my junk but the ref didn't see it).


                        Welcome to the real world Philbert. There is no Santa Claus and all cops are not angels in blue. If half your story is true, you are on these cops' shit-list. Talk to a lawyer about their jurisdiction outside of their town and your rights. In the meantime, stop your whining and take care of business.

                        Just be glad you don't live someplace where they would snuff your ass just because they don't like you.
                        Shut the hell up and train.


                          Originally posted by PHILBERT
                          Did you read? I already did. The lawyer said the town is so corrupt that I don't have a chance to win a legal battle with them in their town.

                          I do however have a chance to go to the county.

                          And Dale, I'd take your advice, except one thing. Im fucking sick of these cops. I wish death upon their entire town of police. Every one. EVERY FUCKING COP IN THAT TOWN DESERVES TO HAVE THEIR THROATS SLIT.

                          There is not ONE good cop in that town. Not one. They have stalked me to my house, harassed me when I left work on TWO seperate occasions, tried to commit double jeopardy, even gone as far as to sit at lights on the side and activate the cross walk to catch red light runners. These people are horrible people, and I am fucking tired of them. Sick of it. They fucked with the wrong person.

                          When I went in before they added another $50 to my fine.
                          No dude. Take it easy. You are taking it to the extreme. It isn't worth it to go on a crusade at all. I totally believe that for every good cop there is a fucked up sociopath or two in uniform. Here in South Florida, they scare the shit out of me, and I truly believe they can fuck up anyone if they want to. Only exceptions are the state troopers as they seem to have a better screening process with their applicants.

                          So calm down, go pay the ticket, even if they added more, and let it go. Fuck it. It's not worth it. Unless you are planning to move far away with your entire family, you are going to have to deal with them, so don't go stirring up shit where you don't know if you can win.

                          People have been framed by cops, beaten by cops, sodomized by cops (remember the Amadou Diallo case), even asked bribes... here in the US!!! So what makes you think you can go on a crusade without risking a police baton up your ass???

                          Learn to chose your battles, pay the ticket, and let it go. It's not worth it.


                            Sorry to hear that. Bent coppers are scum, period.


                              Just pay the ticket and leave town fast.You can't fight them if they are corrupt.The only thing you could do perhaps ,once you've left town , is file a complaint to the feds.



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