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High level Scientologists can kill you with a thought!

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    High level Scientologists can kill you with a thought!

    Upper level scientologists reportedly believe that once reaching the highest levels of Scientology - they become Super Thetans and can kill someone with a thought. (as well as achieving remote viewing, telekinesis, etc.) Talk about ultimate bullshido.
    There is a good clip of Tom Cruise killing Operah with his mind on
    All other info about this flagrant BS can be found on - Recommended reading, it's highly amusing.

    Ha! I get to say it first!

    Use the search function n00b!
    Originally posted by Matt Phillips
    Bullshido is not like the police department, or even POWNET; it really just gets random hard ons and then follows it's dick.


      A Scientologist with a manic smile handed me a pamphlet as I was walking through the CBD one day.

      I ground it under my Blundstone.
      What am I?:

      I am ignorant, thieving, lying, hypocrital, violent and thoroughly self obssessed. I steal from others to make myself look better, only to make the item or information worse.

      I go on and on and ON about how brave and strong and brilliant and wealthy I am, but in the end I'm all mouth and no trousers.

      That's right children, I'm your average AMERICUNT! and I exemplify AMERICA!:911flag:


      JohnnyCache's "retort" proving how much he knows about medicine and geography and First World countries:

      Yes, through persistent lack of work and the cultivation of ignorance, he is a true American.


        Looks like the lord Xenu has sucked you in yet again... besides a body thetan from a past life made me do it.



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