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Body disposal challenge....

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    Body disposal challenge....

    Apparently at work they encourage us to think like criminals...

    so our new game is this:

    one body, stabbed, still warm (obviously murder, not suicide) you are given 2 million pounds and told to get rid of it any way you want...

    how do you do it without getting caught?

    Industrial Incinerator.

    Sulphuric Acid. Make sure to stick around and collect the fat and any fillings.

    Pig Farm.


      I don't want your shitty British currency. USD or do it yourself.


        Rock grinder at a quarry. It'll grind the body into dust and put in multiple people's driveways.

        Numa ^ 3


          Active volcano. If you got a couple million bucks, you can rent a helicopter and just drop it in.

          Deep fat fried!


            eat it!


              Nice plan, mav! Cost effective too!

              edit: but what about the bones? you dont eat the bones you?


                Dump it in some politician's backyard.


                  What is your job exactly? Is this some office worker bullshit?


                    Wrap in plastic bags. Segment if neccesary. Destroy instrument used for segmenting. Wait for night. Drive to deep woods. Bury. Deep. Roll rocks on top of grave so no badgers, foxes or dogs will dig it up.

                    Other than that: Cannibalism.


                      Put the body in a 1970's Ford Pinto, turn on the left turn signal, then rear-end it with a truck.


                        Throw a backyard barbecue for the homeless of course.


                          2 million pounds?

                          Bribe the coroner.

                          "Looks like he stabbed himself in the head in a fit of despair"

                          Fly it out in the middle of nowhere and drop it in the gulf

                          OR take it to any one of any number of industrial plants that can have vats of crap that can totally melt a dude.

                          Or the pig farm idea.

                          or just take his watch and wallet and throw him in an alley behind a porn theatre/whacking booth

                          OR seal him in a drum and UPS his ass someplace

                          You opened the door to all of those fanciful ideas with the two million pounds...

                          But you really, really want to know the right answer? Assuming this isn't your house, the right answer is to leave the body right the fuck alone, because behavior and forensics are the most important things, right? So by not fiddle-fucking with the body, you don't introduce more behavior, and you don't produce more forensics. Throw the knife in the incinerator of a random building, or trash it, or throw it in the ocean, wipe off anything you touched (or better yet, kill him someplace you use in common with about 30 other people).

                          What have they got? A dead guy with a hole in him.

                          They find your prints, your DNA, it's fine - they're supposed to.

                          The hardest crimes to solve are cold, senseless crimes. Crimes that could be anybody. Motive is the root of most murder investigation - forensics can then eliminate or confuse motive, so the key to a murder is not to be known to have motive. Failing that, you must obfuscate opportunity.

                          Bottom line, you need to have done your homework already!

                          And you should have used BJJ, not a knife.




                              Or you can use so many implements to slice him to pieces that they won't know what the fuck you used.



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