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new brunswick schools? anyone?

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    new brunswick schools? anyone?

    hey all, i'm gonna be going to rutgers up in new brunswick and i was wondering if anyone could help me out finding a school to train at. i'm interested in any combat sport, boxing, muay thai, ju jitsu, etc. I'd really rather avoid TKD or anything like that. if anyone knows of a MMA gym up there that'd be great. i appreciate any suggestions! thanks!

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    Piz Doff
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    most schools have free / low cost options. If they don't have boxing, judo, and a few fruity choices I'd be very suprised.
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      2 Places

      Ok this might wind up being a novel, but if youre going to be in the New Brunswick area theres a couple of options that I know of and probably more.

      I train BJJ pretty regularly in North Brunswick, about 10 minutes from Rutgers here: Its run by Brian Katz, a two stripe purple under Royler Black Belt Louis Vintaloro. Lou's website is if you wanna check out his credentials. I love it there, especially since Im on the quiet side, and everybody really goes out of their way to make you feel at home - no dickheads. I dont know if you have experience, but the only possible con is there arent that many advanced belts yet. Myself and three or four other guys are blues, and mostly whites besides that. Brian will take you up to Lou's school pretty regularly though so you get to roll w/ higher belts. He will also take you up there when you are ready for a belt grading so Lou can check out your progress and you can get promoted by a legit black belt.

      Theres Muay Thai there too, but I dont go to that really, and havent really trained anyplace else, so I cant give you a good opinion on it.

      Rutgers has a BJJ club that meets on Mondays and Wednesdays 8-10 and 9-11 respectively. Ive been a few times, and the guys are pretty cool, right now its run by Joe Van Brackle (I dont know if I spelled that right). They get to use the wrestling room on College ave which is pretty nice as far as space and mats go. The weird hours keep me from attending regularly, as I work full time and go to school part time, but from my limited experience there its a good option, especially if you are new. The only con is theres alot of new guys there, and they can be pretty rough without knowing it. But between Joe, Damian (a killer Judo guy), and two or three other guys w/ experience, its a fun place to go and learn.

      In Old Bridge on Route 9 theres another one of Lou's two stripe purples Chris Brough who runs the Elite Martial Arts Academy. I havent rolled there, but Ive rolled with him and a bunch of his guys and they are really good and cool guys. I really enjoy going with his guys because even though they are sorta like a cousin school, they roll very differently than at Brians/my school. 732 371-7368

      I mentioned Damian at the Rutgers BJJ club, I think he trains at the Cranford Judo center, which isnt too far away from Rutgers. Im pretty sure Dave Ellis teaches a class there too - that guy is a freaking phenom from what I hear. Havent rolled with anybody else from the place, but thats two really good guys you can learn from right there.

      The only other place in the area Ive trained or rolled with guys from is Fatjos in Morganville. The students there were really nice - and right before I left (i trained there for a trial month), a black belt started teaching BJJ there, and he seemed to really know his stuff. I just couldnt get into the class format. Lots of saying Yes Sir! and No Sir! and bowing and stuff. Just not my thing. Plus the whole 'black belt club' for kids and sorta belts for muay thai kinda left a bad taste in my mouth. Not a knock against the quailty of the instruction or the students there, who were extremely helpful, I just didnt really feel comfortable with the class setup.

      If you wanna take a drive (prolly 40 min to an hour away), its a little far away in Hamilton, but you can check out Ricardo Almedia's place. I havent rolled there or with any of his guys directly, but I think the reputation and quality of the instructors there speaks for itself.


        wow irons, thanks a lot man. i'll definitly check those places out. you were a big help dude, thanks again


          Hey Irons, I also train at Brian's place on Tuesday and the RU Jiu-Jitsu club. I'm surprised that you didn't mention Glenn Ortiz, the other coach for the RU club and a fine grappler himself. Jason, the president isn't bad himself. I don't know if we've rolled before, but I'm the short little Asian kid who takes people's money (aka the club treasurer)

          I was actually thinking about asking Brian to come down to teach our club next year. Joe's great but he's also very expensive. Since he's driving down from Penn, anything less then $100 won't be worth his time. I'll be talking to the other officers about this over summer.


            hey riceavenger (nice name) can i get some info on the RU bjj club? thanks. i just found out i was accepted and now i'm scrambling to get into summer classes and find housing. because you know, it's the only time i've been accepted in my life. ever. why won't anyone sleep with me!!!!

            p.s. do you guys roll in the summer? and i was wondering if there was any club where you guys get together and spar NHB style because if not i'm really gonna miss that when i move up there, and it will suck. thanks again


              Hey man,

              The club actually is official finished for this semester. However, Jason the president of the club will be staying on campus over summer to do some lab work. He said that he will try to get the club together a few times over summer to work out a little bit. I doubt most of the guys will show up, but you'll at leats have him to work with. Contact him at [email protected] for more info.

              The club will be starting again next semester. Dues are $30 a semester (a GREAT deal). We meet in the College Avenue wrestling room. I'm not sure what our schedule for next year will be though. When you come to RU for your orientation in August, there will be an activity fair. Look for our table, and i"m sure the guy who's running the table can answer more of your questions.


                RiceAvenger - Hey are you crazy Steve who almost put his head through the wall doing takedowns at Brian's place? Its Mark. Haha.. yeah I actually have class with Glenn, hes a really cool guy. I didnt mention him because I didnt know if he was still rolling or not - he had that shoulder problem and the last couple weeks in class he was pretty sick - I thought he might be taking time off since he was going to have a fight coming up (I think?).

                Glenn is actually what got me to come back (I came a few times last year before I broke my hand/arm and it put me out for the rest of the semester). He really took his time and showed me some takedowns and drilled them with me forever before he even knew who I was. It just seemed like he wanted to help out anybody that was interested.

                Yeah Jason is pretty good too - theres another dude whose name I dont know too - but hes a pretty skinny wrestler dude - he guillotined the shit out of me, and he was really good at avoiding half guard, which is like my go to position. Its made me focus more on other stuff, because I realized I was really abusing the position.


                  Hahaha, yeah that was me. Sorry, but I'm horrible at remembering names and faces so I'm not quite sure who you are. The only guy I can remember is Beezer, mostly because of his rather unique name, heh.

                  Glenn's mostly better now. Class is officialy over for the semester but some of the guys still get together at the wrestling room to do some open mat. Ortiz was actually with us on Wednsday and since there was a small group of people it was kinda like having a private lesson. He was happy to give us detailed explainations for anything we asked. Another nice thing about Glenn is that a lot of time he'll explain moves in the context of a MMA or street fight context rather then just pure grappling. I remember he was talking last time about how he went to train at Miletech's at the guys there will actually release side control and go into top half guard so they can GnP the guy on bottom.

                  I'll try to be at Brian's on Tuesday next week. Hope to see you there.



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