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I got my yellow belt today please congratulate me

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    I got my yellow belt today please congratulate me

    On MAP people always post their great accomplishment of getting a yellow belt. Since the merger I think it's so great I can post stuff like this now.

    I just passed my yellow belt test friday night. They tested me on pretty circular movements, zenpo kaiten which means forward rolls and weapons. I would like to add during the test I really felt like my Ki(Japanese for chi) was flowing. It didn't feel like a test it at all if anything it felt like a moving meditation.

    The first part of the test was based on how circular I could make my movements. You see this is important in Aikido because we never directly engage our opponents we go around them in a circular motion thus harmonising with them. I can't wait till my black belt test when I get tested on harmoinizing with the entire universe.

    Second part I was tested on forward rolls and I just rolled around like Sonic the Hedgehog. It was pretty easy since I have natural agility. Aikido 3-d helped immensely too.

    The last part of the test was Weapons. I was tested on the first three bokuto kata. I now feel confident that I can take on any ninja that may attack me from anywhere. My trusty bokken can take on any ninja weapon they may throw at me. But that means I have to carry it everywhere now. You never know where those pesky ninjas may strike.

    Well that's the just of it. I look forward to your replies.

    You have done very well! Well done! Keep up your aikido training the benefits are culminative!


      Congratulations! It must have been a hard couple of months on you! (Two or three maybe?).

      Myself I've only done Muay Thai for about 8 months now.. Sadly we don't have gradings so I couldn't post something about how I worked out for 2 months and wanted attention for doing what a 8 year old could. You can all give me attention now though. :(

      And to add to the injury, my thai chi doesn't get anywhere near japanese chi, atleast that's what I heard from other aikidoka that I talked to. They blamed it on sparring. And I can't beat ninjas either. :/


        Congratulations for your success at the testing. You have chosen the path of the enlightement and your first steps are in the correct way.


          Aikido is a wonderful art. You must be so proud of your accomplishment.


            Traitors. Hethens. Apostates! Betrayers! Turn coats! Double agents! Liars! Unbelievers! Filth! FUCKING AIKIBUNNIES!


              Dai Tenshi, you should learn to be more supportive of your fellow martial artists.

              Mr. Jones - Very good job and we all look forward to hearing about your future accomplishments.

              Quick question: What is the difference between Japanese ki and regular chi? No one has ever told me on the boards.


                Dai Tenshi-

                Don't you understand what we're trying to do here?

                We are about unity, not violence or conflict. Aikido is the best martial art ever and I for one think anyone who trains in it is certainly not a total fool. They are not moronic. They are not wasting their time or anyone else's.

                Well done Mr Jones. Pat yourself on the back, shake your own hands and give yourself a high five. Just remember- learning how to throw yourself has self defence applications.


                  Congrats. You are a true warrior.


                    Mr. Jones: Pretty soon you'll be on your way to 19th degree black belt. In fact, I am so impressed by your accomplishment that I think you should open up a school in your garage.

                    Since you will be teaching, you'll be a teacher. Since a teacher is in control of the class, you'll have authority. Since black belts have authority, it naturally follows that you should wear a black belt.

                    Wait a will you make sure students show up? I mean, you're offering quality yellow/black belt training here!


                    I know! Set up binding contracts that require a minimum of six months worth of payment without an intro class. That way, you can be assured to have enough income to continue to teach your most assuredly excellent aikido.

                    Wait a minute...why don't you found your own system?? I mean, you got to yellow belt, and you'll be opening your own school complete with binding contracts!

                    Lets call it "Jones Fu-Ki-Do". Yeah, that sounds good.

                    Since you created your own system, you are now a 10th degree Soke Senior Grandmaster!

                    Wow! Who would have thought that a simple yellow belt test could lead to so much goodness!



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