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I deer-boxed in class yesterday

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    I deer-boxed in class yesterday

    In my kickboxing club, there's people of all skill levels.
    The instructors sometimes have us rotate and spar everyone, to make sure each person can adjust to different styles.

    In one round, I got matched to this girl who was smaller and less experienced than me. I got kind of tired of push-kicking her, so I said, what the hell, let me try some Wing Chun.

    Not that I know WC, but I can do a poor poor imitation of it. I got into an empty stance and straighten up my back some. Then I proceeded to attack with alternating straight arm punches, ending each combo with a push kick off the front leg. It worked pretty well, but only because the girl just wasn't a match for my reach or experience. It was still fun, though.

    On one attack, I got lazy with the 'straight blasts,' and then just did a really pussy chain punch, where I just rolled my hands forward. And right after I did it, she said, "wait, what was that you just did?" CALLED OUT! I guess everyone knows BS when they see it.
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    You've insulted the gods of kickboxing.

    you'll get yours, oh yes.

    The gods of kickboxing hate _ing _un even more than clowns.

    And everyone hates clowns, right?


      All of 'em except for Krusty.
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