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Jet Li faces threat of a wheelchair-bound life

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    Jet Li faces threat of a wheelchair-bound life

    Jet Li faces threat of a wheelchair-bound life

    by Mark Pollard


    Last year when Jet Li stated that he was giving up martial arts movies for more sensitive fare, he had a more practical reason that went beyond career planning or beliefs. According to Li, while recently speaking to about 200 Hong Kong students, to continue making action movies could have put him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

    While Li has suffered his fair share of knocks on set over the course of his 24-year acting career (multiple sprains and broken bones), what has proven to have had the most complications is a broken leg he suffered in 1982 while filming his first movie Shaolin Temple. Ever since then, doctors have been telling the star that he could end up in a wheelchair. Li said the chance of this happening these days has become, "very high."

    Left with apparently no choice but to switch gears, Li now faces some uncertainly as he prepares to remarket himself in what he describes as "a commercial society" where "every actor has a set mould."

    Injury has been a constant companion for many martial arts stars, sometimes even before they begin their movie careers. Bruce Lee suffered a severe back injury during a training session in 1970. Michelle also suffered a back injury, which put an end to her dancing career and ironically set her on a course for working in Hong Kong's physically-demanding martial arts movies.

    Of all the martial arts stars to have suffered injuries while shooting movies, Jackie Chan is either at the top of the list or very near it. He's well known for performing all or most of his own death-defying stunts and grueling sparring matches. With this distinction has come a lot of pain. In his biography, Chan logs nearly 20 injuries including a close brush with paralysis during the shooting of Police Story and a serious brain hemorrhage suffered as a result of a fall during Armour of God.

    All of this punishment, even in less serious cases such as dislocations and sprains, can take their toll on a stunt actor's body much the way sports injuries can lead to arthritis or brain damage.

    Source: The Star Online

    Nice find, I for one find it incredible how dedicated these guys are... I mean, at the end of the day it's only a movie, and yet some of these things can kill them easily...



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