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    Most Annoying Martial Arts Move

    I saw the 'Most annoying martials arts Movie' thread, and this immediatly came to mind.

    What Move bothers you the most?, eg in BJJ such as a specific move that you hate, be it because it especially hurts you, or that people always end up pulling it on you, one after the other... it's probably not deliberate, but damn it DOES seem that way.

    For me, I would nominate the Armbar, i'd say that gets pulled on me a good 97% of the time, and annoys the hell out of me, because i'm not too good at escapes, something to work on I guess...

    What is it for you guys? I'm sure there are several, but if there were just a few, or just ONE move that you really hate? What would it be?

    Back when I took Karate, it would definitly be the Gaydan Mawashigeri Tori, (If I remember correctly... it has been a LONG time)...I should imagine most of the Karate guys would hate kicks also...

    Its not really a move its just when people are really tall and they a distancing really well so i cant get inside and hit them so i guess its really annoying when they have a good standing defense


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        Cup Crossface

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          The most annoying would be the pansy back-knuckle strike to the face that some people consider makes them "full contact". GGGGRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I hate that goddam move!!!


            I Hate Getting Kicked In The Balls!!!


              Turkish oil check.

              I hate that one.
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                All forms of head/neck locks/cranks. Especially by wrestlers who don't know anything other than to grab your head and squeeze for dear life.


                  Amen, brother...
                  Have you ever experienced one in an actual BJJ tournament?


                    Originally posted by KhorneliusPraxx
                    Amen, brother...
                    Have you ever experienced one in an actual BJJ tournament?
                    I'm assuming this comment was directed at me?

                    No, never entered a BJJ tourny (yet, anyway). There's just several wrestlers at my BJJ school, as well as others I've rolled with.


                      As noted below...
                      From what I can tell, they aren't legal in sport BJJ.

                      "Cervical locks or neck cranks are not allowed in any category except for chokes in the juveniles or adult divisions. And for brown and black belts is not allowed when there is a duble nelson classic situation. Competitors attempting a cervical lock will be immediatly disqualified with no prior warnings."

                      In self defense, MMA, generic submission grappling...maybe...but not in the sport of BJJ.
                      I guess they think joint locks and chokes are more classy. :lol:
                      I went to a tournament were they allowed neck was ugly. I saw one guy trying to spin someones head around like Linda Blair.

                      It seemed obvious who the actual white belts (noobs) were and who the experience high school and college wrestlers disquised as a BJJ white belt were.


                        In BJJ, the 'accidental' knee strike, and the can-opener.

                        Whenever anyone with experience has tried to nail me with this, I've always felt it was a not so subtle way of saying 'fuck you'


                          Definately when someone does the elbow grind into the inside knee\thigh area to try and get me to open my gurad.

                          It doesn't hurt that much (besides I have tyhe pain tolerance of a tree), it doesn't work...ever, it looks stupid and it makes them look like a noob\turd.

                          That and when someone tries to get away with a hand or knuckle jamming their extended thumb into my windpipe or just plain old hand strangle...
                          not sporting, not cool, and if I knew we were throwing the rules out the window just to get me to tap, I would have brought my garrotte to class.


                            Takedowns. Fuck takedowns.
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                              Originally posted by Darkpaladin
                              Cup Crossface
                              Worse cup. aka "the teabag".
                              Fighting evil and upholding justice in blue silk pajamas baby!


                              Bah!!! Puny Humans.



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