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The Ultimate Showdown!

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    The Ultimate Showdown!

    The Song!

    The Video!

    enjoy :)

    That was incredible.

    My hat, it is not only off, it has been destroyed.

    For a second I thought ol' Chuck was gonna win.


      One of my friends showed this to me a day ago and I thought it was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. I keep singing the song to myself and realizing I don't know the lyrics just yet. Brilliant.


        That was the STUPIDEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN.

        Optimus Prime would totally win.
        Monkey Ninjas! Attack!


          That was the coolest thing i have ever seen.... that was even more awesome then the whole of the JFS thread....


            Totally awesome in every way. Reminded me a little of the Bloodhound Gang for some reason.

            Check out Super Mario and Sonic doing Chi Sao in the background.
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              I laughed, I cried, I touched myself.

              I knew I loved Mr. Rogers for a reason! Well...a reason besides the creepy, pedophile vibe that the show gives off...and the LSD induced alternate kingdom with a miniature king and a train.

              I heard that the reason Mr. Rogers always wore long sleeves was because his forearms were covered in tattoos. I'll look for some clarification, as work is fucking boring.

              Edit: I'm a jackass.

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              Helio was submitted by Kimura



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