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Realistic Knife training

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    Realistic Knife training

    The Defensive Edge
    -A realistic look at knife fighting -
    REALITY1. Avoid.
    Improve your awareness and avoid. There are various ways to improve ones awareness towards violent crime. From the training you do to studying the criminal mindset and statistics and cases relating to the topic.
    2. Escape3. Use Environment
    Throwing objects or putting a obstacle between you and your attacker or using and object to hit weapon hand or attacker. One can set up various training methods to simulate this i.e. using focus mitts, boxing gloves etc. which will represent the difference between objects one can throw and those you can use as a weapon.
    4. Mobility
    Working on ones perception of distancing, timing and accuracy not to engage and to escape the situation as safe as possible. One needs to also work one ones mobility tactics when having a loved one with you to protect.
    President World Taiji Boxing Association South Africa

    Anyone care to explain how this is different than the exact same thread, with just about the exact same words, that the exact same poster started about a week ago?

    - Matt
    Student of Wan Yi Chuan Kung Fu,
    Kali, & what ever works
    Renaissance Martial Arts
    Rochester, NY


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