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Maryland folks interested in blade work

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    Maryland folks interested in blade work

    The last MD TD precipitated the following:
    One MD TD Crew member that must not be named but can be loosely described as "The Beast" has communicated to me his willingness to share his knowledge/experience regarding combat knife with people to whom this would be of interest. He was kind enough to show me some stuff yesterday, and it was very interesting (being a relative n00b in blades). The idea is not to learn the common Pirate-type-attack knife disarms, but rather to get a basic idea on how to use a knife, and what to expect from an attacker that uses a knife, and learn some of the flow drills that can be used to train some of the basic principles.

    This can be either a part of the December TD, but if there's enough people interested, we could make it an independent event, with independent venue (we don't really need mats).

    So if you are interested, either post here or pm me and let's try to put this together.

    Current stage of death: denial

    This is the kind of thing I think would be good to work into a mega TD setting.
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