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    I know you're playing your game but I clearly stated that it was possible that an entrepaneur who tested against the theory would prove it incorrect. I let it slide though. Now you're saying the same damn thing here.
    Originally posted by kepetri
    A better analogy for my point would be cheerleaders for a pro football team. On the margin, there might be a few men who would be pissed that there were no cheerleaders at a game and not come back. On the other hand, that could be offset by the few feminists who would not come if they were there, and would now come to enjoy the game.
    As far as football cheerleaders specifically, they're nearly impossible to see during the game but do provide entertainment for everyone waiting around during halftime that's not in line for beer. Mostly they're there because they're volunteers, so its a free draw for the club.

    I'd guess that ring girls are the cheapest form of male crowd entertainment compared to people selling skills. There are always young women who want to be models or who have no real gift besides fitting an idealistic feminine image. So the work isn't hard and has the potential to become an extremely lucrative career and to those who want it, there's a lot of attention. So pay for these jobs vary but are much cheaper than a known comedian or more reliable than an unknown comedian.



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