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    Tim Horton's Bullshido?

    Hey all

    Here's the situation, a week or two before my first fight (April 2nd) either due to stress levels, lack of sleep, a recurrance of my Gr. 5 asthma, or something in the air irritating my throat/lungs, I came down with bronchitis and originally had not planned on fighting. At the time I was working at Tim Hortons (shudders) where you are required (for some reason) to work 8 hour shifts. In the weeks (maybe a month or two, my brain is trying to subconsciously blot out the details, like a Vietnamese POW) before I had been given several 32 hour work weeks. My schedule was akin to this:

    6:30am - Wake up
    8:00am - Leave for school
    2:40pm - Dismissed from school
    3:00pm - Run over to Tim Hortons to begin shift.
    11:00pm - End shift.
    12:00pm - Sleep.

    Rinse and repeat.

    So anyways, my days were pretty much monopolized, but at the time I wasn't bothered that much, since I knew I would (sooner or later, felt like later) get a paycheque to compensate my abundant hours of work.
    However (not exactly sure of the exact day) I came down with bronchitis, or something very similar to it, and it kinda screwed with my life (couldn't exercise, technically I could, as long as it didn't involve me running, jogging, or generally increasing my heart rate) so for my upcoming shift (Weekend morning shift - 7am - 3pm) I called in sick (called on Monday). So they had about 4-5 (possibly 6) realistic days to get someone to come in.

    Saturday morning I was woken up
    *ring ring ring*
    D (Manager) : "Tom! You're late for your shift!"
    Tom: (rubbing sleep out of eyes) "I'm sick, I already cancelled those shifts"
    D: "Well, it doesn't matter, you're still on it and you need to come in!"
    Tom: "If I'm feeling better this afternoon I'll come in, but no promises."

    (afternoon rolls by)
    *ring ring ring*
    Tom: "Yeah I'm not going to be able to make it in"

    (rests the rest of Saturday)

    Sunday morning:
    *ring ring ring*
    Mom: "Tom! Wake up! Phone!"
    Tom: (grumble, snarl) "Hello?"
    D: "Tom, you've got to come in today!"
    Tom: "I already said I was sick! I have bronchitis and I don't feel any better."
    D: "So you're not coming in?"
    Tom: "No."
    D: "Alright"

    Monday morning:
    *ring ring ring*
    Mom: "Tom, wake up! It's for you."
    (Tom picks up phone)
    Tom: "Guh"
    Marlene (something like that, owner of the store)
    "Hi Tom, I heard you weren't able to make your shifts this weekend, what happened?"
    Tom: "I'm sick, I have bronchitis, and I scheduled the days off"
    M: "Well, I had 5 people schedule this weekend off, people with more seniority than you, you think I can just give them the day off?"
    M: "We're going to have to let you go, I'm giving you your 5 days notice, so just finish off your shifts at the end of the week"
    T: (stunned... realizes he can go back to sleep) "Alright? Bye"

    (shifts were for next Saturday/Sunday, so great, not only was I being fired, but I was being fired a week before my probation period would be up, goddamned.)

    Needless to say, I sneaked in Friday evening, got my paycheque for the last two weeks, and didn't show up to those shifts. Jerkasses.

    But anyhow, of the 500 I made off of that paycheque, I still have about 300 in the bank (I'm frugal, and I have nothing to spend it on) and as Summer is now here I'm looking for another job. Apparently I need a "release paper" or some such garbage to go get employed at another Tim Hortons and I'm basically just looking for employment somewhere else, but as Batronin raised the question, can I ask for my job back (or a job at another location) or take it up with the labor board/human resources?
    Funnily enough I didn't really mind getting fired at the time (felt like crap at the time of the phone call, was stressed, getting burned out) but I've had numerous people suggest that I do exactly what BR has suggested (The first one being my Spanish teacher, haha).

    So this is just a hypothetical question to the lawyers/legal people on the board. If you have a suggestion for recourse using the Labour Board or HR, I'd ask that you try to back it up with some sort of official backing. Just so I don't end up storming into the office and getting cut down if it turns into an argument.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Seems fucked up to me. You might be able to do something about it. Do you have any doctor writeups or anything from that period saying you did have bronchitis?

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      Darn, all I really have is this.
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        And this.
        And another puffer whose location I am not certain of.
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          Yeah, they pull bullshit at the tim hortons in yorkton saskatchewan too.
          I recomend working at walmart, i heard they are great for the employees my sister and mom works there at different locations,


            Which employees, the ones at the stores, or the ones at the factories making a penny a day?



              the ones at the stores of course.


                Since it looks like you have no medical documentation, (did you see a doc to get that inhailer? does he have medical records?) the situation revolves around whether as a probationary employee you could not schedule out time like regular employees. It sounds like they retroactively revoked or denied your request, and will probably claim that leave was not granted untless they affirmatively granted it. In other words your call in was not enough. Your argument is that it was the custom of this employer to grant such time on a first come, first served basis, no questions asked. Hopefully you're employment papers specify the rights and responsibilities of calling in, and you're rights as a probationary employee.

                You can't lose anthing by approaching the labor board and asking what your rights are in such a situation, especially because you are in a socialist country. Their firing of you is almost funny, "you're gone but work some more shifts" is laughable.


                  I don't get it, why wouldn't you go to the doctor and get a medical certificate ?
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                    I left the "Dr" part on the picture unedited, though as it's insanely blurry, you might not see it. But yes I did go to a doctor and I imagine he has the forms at his office, in one form or another. Had to go to the pharmacy and all.

                    Hey Sam, any idea on how/who I might talk to on the LB?

                    Thanks for the post by the way. What's that? + rep incoming? I think so!


                      Guys, this is canada, we don't need a dr.s note.
                      If i'm correct, in this situation Tim hortens is commiting crimes against labor laws.
                      as canadians we have the right to take a certain number of sick days off a year if we so choose if we are sick.


                        Good luck with it all Tom... unfortunately I am not much help as I know next to nothing about Canadian anything...
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                          If Tom gets a note from the doctor stating that, during the time frame in question he was ill, then him being dismissed within that time frame makes it "suspicious" in terms of reason.
                          The fact that he was on a probation period is irrelevant since it was during a period of illness in which his employment was terminated, and in Canada, the labour laws state that no employemtn can be terminated DURING a period of illness.



                            get the documentation in the form of a doctors note or a letter from said doctor!


                              Originally posted by Samuel Browning
                              You can't lose anthing by approaching the labor board and asking what your rights are in such a situation, especially because you are in a socialist country. Their firing of you is almost funny, "you're gone but work some more shifts" is laughable.
                              Par for the course in Socialist countries. Here in Belgium, you'll still need to work another 6 weeks after you're fired (or after you quit), though during that time-frame they're required to give you days off for jobhunting (half a day per week, I believe).



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