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I killed my powerbook :(

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    Omar is teh correct. ThinkPads FTW.
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      I learned the hard way. My Toshiba was totally cool looking and had a great set of preinsgtalled stuff on it but the honeymoon just didn't last long.
      Fighting evil and upholding justice in blue silk pajamas baby!

      Bah!!! Puny Humans.


        Reading what you folks have to say about computers has given me a glimpse of what it must be like for some of you to read what I have to say about fighting.

        Therefore, I apologize for all the posts where I betrayed my ignorance.

        Laptops burning up? Most laptops built with desktop processors? You posted that in 2005. Go take a walk through your local big-box electronics store and count the number of laptops you see with desktop processors. At the store where I sell them, laptops come with Centrino in overwhelming numbers, followed by Celeron. Bringing up the rear are MOBILE Pentium 4 and Athlon 64's. We have one model with the new Turion from AMD, which is going to be beautiful when we have a better brand than Compaq building it. Turion has the battery life of Centrino, but it's a 64-bit processor based on the Athlon64--and it appears to be cheaper than Centrino to boot.
        I don't believe we sell a single notebook with a desktop processor. When I started over two years ago, there were a few, but that didn't last long.

        I have a Toshiba Satellite with a P4 that we've owned for almost a year now with no heat problems, and I've done everything with that machine, including using it as a DVD player for almost three hours straight on an office chair (my kids watched movies while we got our taxes done.) I recommend Toshiba, and I get very little negative feedback from Toshiba owners.

        As for the guy who said "AMD>Intel, so Centrino sucks," are you familiar with the term non sequitur? Simply put, your conclusion doesn't logically follow from your evidence. You like AMD better than Intel, fine. But that doesn't mean Centrino sucks. Centrino does not, in fact, suck. It fixes some of the biggest problems about notebooks. That's why it took over from mobile P4's so completely in the last year as the price came down.

        There's nothing funnier than some goofball who thinks he sounds smart when he sounds off that this tech or that tech is stupid, worthless and gives you crabs. What have YOU invented that works better than Centrino? Nothin'. Turion shows the promise of being better, and on paper it certainly is, but it's brand new. We don't know what the bugs will be yet. And more importantly, even if Turion is better, that doesn't at all mean Centrino is no good. Centrino has the virtue, if nothing else, of having been AVAILABLE and IN EXISTENCE for the last few years, which Turion was not. There's also the question of whether Turion would even exist if Centrino hadn't paved the way and proven the concept.

        You know not whereof you speak.



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