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    Video hosting?

    I have this absolutely amazing video...

    I think it's Kung Fu, I'm not exactly sure...

    Put it this way, I'm not a huge fan of personally bashing TMA but this is way too good for me not to share with everyone here.

    I'm not sure what the style is, I think it might be "Holy Shit This is a Hilarious Video of a Bunch of Crazy Asian Men Going Apeshit With Tiny Numchucks On All Types of Shit in Some Cult Looking Training Camp Complete With Wooden Dummy Gauntlets That Swing, While Yelling Like Monkeys And Jumping Everywhere, Swinging at Elaborate "Tire Men", Ducking Logs and Shit, and Taking Themselves Way Too Seriously"

    I think it's a branch of "Japanese Bussiness Man Flipping His Shit" style.

    The video is 55 MB's, and it needs a home, immediately.

    It's been seen, and it's had a home. Now it's like a homeless crackhead who gives blowjobs for a dime, unloved and forgotten.
    Tough is not how you act, tough is how you train.



      Saves me some trouble.

      There's nothing left for me to do but train in it.



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