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    Aikido Girl what you are missing is the point that because of the fraud that is your "FRIEND" we need some sort of proof that you are not a 50ish year old white man pretending to be a young girl.

    Now realizing that you probably look nothing like the pic you are claiming was you at 17 what we do need is some picture that can't be faked showing that you are a female - which is why I suggested the signs with "bullshido" on them. Black out your face if you want - black out any incriminating evidence - but until you do you're going to catch hell about being a fraud.

    I mean I am sure that we would love to play with the "real Ashida" but hey, he lacks the testicular fortitude to come play with the pros.


      could someone plz answer my fucking question before i go try and find out myself?


        Originally posted by Snapp
        You admit to unknowningly aiding a complete and total fraud in his attempt to defraud more people. Your image, your likeness, your persona is being used by Ashida to defraud people over the internet. Yet you claim to not care.

        Any self-respecting person would care if their identity was used without there knowledge in some sort of scam. As a martial artist, do you not care that your respect and credibility as such has been/is being tarnished by these scams?
        Aikido Girl's "self awareness" (as a Bullshido's forum poster) sucks ass.

        That's all. :new_llyin


          This does not look like a 17 yr old to me...more like someone who is in their early 20's.
          It also looks like a professional model.
          And the signature....I can go on ''paint'' in my computer and it could look JUST like that.



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