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Tibetan Lama Pai

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    Tibetan Lama Pai

    My Tai Chi Sifu teaches this style, he teaches mixed too bu,t this is the the main I had never heard of it till I met him.

    I have read that it is the art precceding Hop Gar? and White Crane?

    How is it?
    What does it compare to?

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          I would be skeptical of someone claiming to teach a Tibetan martial art; I thought when the Chinese invaded they shot all the martial artists.

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            this site has a lot of info. dont know how legit it is.


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                kuntaokid , yes that is the first site I saw on the internet.
                It and talking to my sifu gave me what I wanted to know.

                That is his main style but he is more a JKD teacher teaching Phililine MA and through a student, teacher, friend JJas well.
                He studied in Chicago in the early 70's.

                I will see how it goes for awhile.

                "I do not agree with what you have to say but, I will defend to the death your right to say it."



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