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I"m bad at birthdays (gift ideas?)

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    I"m bad at birthdays (gift ideas?)

    As terrifying as it is, as of today I am 18 and I am legally allowed to affect the American electoral process (supposedly). As many others here would probably be very quick to point out, I am also able to blow my money of cigarettes, lotto tickets and of course porno.

    I don't enjoy being treated differently for a day simply for surviving another year. I don't have plans to die anytime soon, so I think it should be less of a big deal.

    I have the same problem every year though: I never know a single thing I want. For one I feel like a jerk asking for presents, and I end up feeling like more of a jerk because loved ones and such end up asking what I want and being disapointed when I have no answer. I guess I'm just bad at birthdays

    As strange as it sounds I need some help learning to take a day to be a bit selfish and ask for some things. Other than the obvious "hur hur, get porn" idea, what do you kind folks recommend as a gift? Martial arts related stuff (good beginner/intermediate books, greatly entertaining movies, magazines, etc) or not, anything would be appreciated. Suggest some music, a video game, something... My parents are on the brink of strangling me because all of their relatives keep asking them what I want and I never have a reply.

    I really should be very greatful to have a family that cares, but again, I have just always been bad at birthdays. Maybe when I hit 75 I'll know exactly what I want and know exactly how to ask, but for

    I just say..


    impersonal but hey, beats crappy gifts.


      Gift Cards always work well.


        Rub - n - Tug.


          I hate gift cards. I never use them. It is also a rip off if you think about them. They take your money and keep the interest. Then many of the establishments will charge a "maintenance fee" if it is not used within a certain time. What kind of bullshit is that?!

          Hmmm, you are 18 and it's your birthday... Money is the best. How about guns and ammo? You like guns? Maybe some DVDs you've been wanting? If you had your own house or apartment, it would be easier, you always need something.

          Happy birthday
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            money, money, money. How many relatives do you have? Would it be too much to ask them to pool their money to buy a car? Haha.


              A savings account for college? They will love that, makes you seem all grown up and responsible, then when you turn 21 you can blow it all on booze and strippers.
              Happy 18th.
              Shut the hell up and train.


                Tickets to a show you want to see.

                For example, my girls birthday is the 11th. I am getting her Ringling Bro's circus tickets. She loves the circus. Used to go on her B-day all the time with her family. But since we moved away we haven't gone. It will be totally shocking.

                Sometimes good gifts aren't the THINGS that you can collect. They are the memories you make.


                  How's your guitar situation at the moment?

                  Originally posted by Stickx
                  It must suck for legit practitioners of tai chi like Cullion to see their art get all watered down into exercise for seniors.
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                    Originally posted by daimyo
                    money, money, money. How many relatives do you have? Would it be too much to ask them to pool their money to buy a car? Haha.
                    I have a pretty small family all in all, but that just makes it more tightly knit, except for the mom's side and dad's side not talking to eachother for more than a second after the divorce...

                    A car savings fund wouldn't be a bad idea, although I can't drive yet so therefore is a bit of a moot point at the moment. More than that though, they hate giving money and would much rather give something material. A show isn't a bad idea, I am thinking of going to see Buddy Guy play in late July.

                    Originally posted by Jekyll
                    How's your guitar situation at the moment?
                    Currently still borrowing my dad's Mexican Fender Strat. I am far from a virtuoso, so I'd say it does it's job pretty damn well. I hardly ever plug in to play anymore out of laziness mostly, so effects and such wouldn't mean squat to me. Maybe if I actually found some people to play with it would matter more.

                    I feel like I'm going to end up getting being responsible again and just saving my money. How dull.



                      Who wouldn't want one of those? :thumbsup:
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                          How's about a lesson or two with a top guitar teacher in the area or in the city? It's amazing what you can learn in a few hours with a player who can really teach. And if you're really into jazz as you're username implies (Django fan?), Jim Hall's playing at Birdland this weekend - it'll cost you $40/person to catch a set.

                          Congrats on 18 years. The next 18 are something else.


                            Pool money for a next-generation console (PSP, PS3, XBOX360). You're 18. You know what that means? You have just enough money to burn and just enough time to use it. You're in that happy happy happy young adult position to be responsible enough to manage your time, independent enough to have enough money to buy what you want, still semi-supported by your parents, and yet not tied down by the shackles of commitments. So go play some more video games. Now you can actually afford to buy whatever you want. Being 18 and up is like being on a vacation paid for by your folks but without any adult supervision. At least it continues that way until you hit maybe 30 and your parents get tired of you mooching off their retirement funds and kick you out of the basement.
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                            Kick boxing is ok, but don't expect do beat a man like Rickson Gracie with that. You need a real martial art. You need Xing Yi Quan. -Emptyflower

                            The splits, how ever, have a few martial uses. Doing the splits for me, can put my fists in testical strike range.

                            dont ignore the Art for the Martial or else your just kick boxing

                            Yes i am serious, there are kicks that can block punches. we have them in Moo duk kwan.
                            I want to learn how to use them in case my arm gets broken in a fight.
                            what would you have me do? if my arm gets broke, not block punches? -sempi-stone


                              Well your syle says MMA.
                              You can never go wrong with instructional DVDs as presents.
                              Sperry's Vale Tudo or Master Series are always great. Saulo's or Gracia's new series are the latest and most popular.

                              I can always rely on to provide some present ideas when people ask. Bodyflow book or DVD, Warrior Wellness DVD, clubbell books and DVDs...and clubbells if your parents really like you :)
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