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Pics of me sparring..and getting owned.

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    Pics of me sparring..and getting owned.


    I've been a long time lurker here at the forums. I finally grew a pair and decided to post some. This are screen caps from a clip of my older brother and I sparring. We are both 2nd Degree black belts with 9 years into American Karate.

    Anyway, I know we look like newbies with our hands down but sparring for an hour or so will make your hands drop at the most unsavory times. I'm the idiot in blue jeans. Hope you all find this entertaining. It was fun getting beat up!

    A vertical fist would have been better I suppose.

    Heres me dropping my hands like an idiot! Before I put my foot down he came in down my flank and punched me:(

    Parrying sucks! put it works.

    Got counter in mid step and forced back with several punches.

    I should have blocked with my elbows.


    Did I mention parrying sucks?


    Sucks when a side kick is faster then a trap and strike.

    Counter time

    Its no fun when we both parry.


      Wearing jeans while sparring must be the new fad.


        Nah, just work clothes.


          At least you put some pictures up, but don't expect any compliments.
          I refuse to say anything positive about them.


            Is that a Dojo, or your office breakroom? The latter would actually be pretty cool.


              If parrying sucks, then what's better? Getting punched in the face?

              Just practice it more, in drills.



                I said parrying sucks in a joking manner. IT works great! I just hate having it done to me :P thats all.


                  Regardless, that doesn't change the fact that kickboxing is commonly known as fighting while grappling simply isn't. - Osiris


                    I dont see how any of you can offer anything at all to this guy. Props for putting up pics. But in my opinion it is impossible, or damn near, to say anything about technique in still pictures. Even the pros can look like chumps when a pic is snapped at a certain time when they are doing something that even an amateur could say "that was stupid"

                    Dont act all high and mighty guys, when he brings in a video, then pick him appart. Keep it up bud.

                    PS: Apostol, YOU should work on your parries... you're the one who got ktfo in one punch. This guy just wanted to show some pics. You guys are all acting too high, and not just in this thread. Instead of dissing him or some shit try to be CONSTRUCTIVE. Jesus, martial artists are all but dead here


                      Originally posted by Apostol
                      If parrying sucks, then what's better? Getting punched in the face?
                      REAL men block with the face. except apostol, he just does it because he sucks. Look at Mark Hunt for example.


                        Stupid question I suppose but what is American Karate?

                        "All right, they're on our left, they're on our right, they're in front of us, they're behind us...they can't get away this time"
                        - Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller, USMC

                        This forum is getting downright retarded.
                        - Osiris


                          You probably know this from the pictures, but you are parrying WAY too far out. You should parry just in front of your face and not extend further than that. A skilled fighter will see you do this and go in over your arm, thus ruining your shit.
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                          Tough is not how you act, tough is how you train.


                            Originally posted by Knightmare
                            Wearing jeans while sparring must be the new fad.

                  's KUNGFOOLS!!!


                              Most people dont take full contact punches and kicks in training. Once you do it for long enough, it gets to be like chess. The biggest part for me was getting into the (no fear) state of mind.

                              The only way to get there is,

                              1. Cardio ( so you dont run out of gas)

                              2. Weight training (for power not size)

                              3.Bag work (for timing)

                              4. Spar ALOT ( Learn your range, how to flow with other fighter so you can deflect and counter)

                              5. Grapple ALOT ( Stand up and on the ground)

                              After awhile your body becomes reflexive, and its ( for me) a meditative state.

                              Just keep on practicing , it dont matter what you wear, as long as its safe . I advise head gear , elbo , knee ,shin pads and mouthpiece. Jeans can be heavy after you sweat for a while, but I wear them for outside training.



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