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    interesting stories

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    Tough is not how you act, tough is how you train.


      You know what's interesting? The story about the time a woman touched you.

      oh wai
      Originally posted by The Wastrel
      I think the forum's traditionally light-handed approach to moderation has become untenable.


        It has been opinined that MF is in fact Strangler.

        This may or may not be true -- I can't do my usual ARNIS searches at work -- but the pattern fits.

        In the odd chance that this is NOT Strangler, I am simply going to Trollshidown this individual. He/she/it can contact me by PM if they are not the individual in question.

        Thank you and good night.
        Monkey Ninjas! Attack!


          I have interesting stories too!

          In fact, I have one from yesterday.

          My car broke down on weds. At over 100 degrees in LV, it overheated. I noticed a weird smell and saw the temp gauge in the red. pull over and see busted hoses. Wait a while, fill w/water and baby it home. Cut the hose and reclamped. Water still leaking near the water pump. Damn.

          So I called into work thurs. And walked the mile or so to Autozone. Just before I get to the store some commotion was going on. Store employees were out front and some dude is running. I figure shoplifter so I give chase. Run him across the parking lot and he gets in his car before I can catch him. Get lisence number, description and car make.

          Go back to autozone and some chick is laid out. Turns out she tried to stop him and got hurt. I call cops and ambulance. Give the lisence number. Cops get there and I write out my statement. Turns out the dude freaked out, crashed his car a couple miles away while police were pursuing. They ask me to hang out to give a description. Ends up they dont need it. Was his moms car he crashed. LOL. Felony assault because this chick got hurt bad. Robbery. And he wrecks his moms car trying to get away. WTFG dumb ass!

          In the mean time I go to Jersey Mike's sub shop. This is the important part of the story. I had never been there before. But they deli cut the meat right there with one of those sliding rotating saws. It isnt that shit they have at Subway. And the sandwich was good.

          So I walk back to autozone and see whats up. Nothing new.

          I go home and put the waterpump on my car. Takes a while. 3 hours later its still leaking. Turns out its leaking from the manifold too. Totally fucked. I wont go playing with manifolds. Waterpumps yes, manifolds no. So its leaking less now so we take it up the street to some shop my wife found in the yellow pages, since PeP Girls wont do engine work or someshit. Turns out this place is a Mercades specialist. Greeeaaaat. Maybe she could have found a more expensive place to have the car fixed, but I doubt it. The guys were nice but were closing. So I left my car there.

          Rent a car so I can go to work today. OMG so awesome. Dodge neon. It has air conditioning, so I cant complain. But c'mon....a dodge neon?!?! At 15 bucks a day it isnt bad I guess.

          Then my dog destroyed a soda can while we were at the store getting groceries. Like destroyed it into tiny chewed up pieces. Hopefully he didnt eat any.

          So I learned that Jersey Mike's is a good place for a sandwich and don't shoplift at autozone. And dodge neons have funky seats that hurt my back.

          OMG WHAT A GREAT STORY, NO?!?!


            so yrkoon what did manny teach you todo in this situation.

            all those story are like "i snuck under his bunk like manny showed me" or "i mounted him jus tlike manny showed me"

            i hate manny reyes, i was so glad when he finally got punked.
            Eduardo "Why'd you stop."

            Me "I was kicked in the head by the guys sparring next to me."

            Eduardo "Ino what happened but i didnt say you could stop."

            Me "Um.. I guess I keep going."

            Eduardo "You dont stop until i say stop, you dont get tired until i say your tired, keep going."

            Originally posted by Ralek
            My cousin gave me some tapes of him doing tkd. I learned from those tapes. When I beat up an Akido instructor, and made him take rest breaks, I used TKD. I learned Bjj from watching ufc and pride and then I copied them and wrestled my cousin for practice. I choked him out and he tapped.



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