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[vid]Use of pressure points by cops on non-compliant protestors

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    [vid]Use of pressure points by cops on non-compliant protestors

    Nice vid, found it on stile, complete with idiot hippy protests screaming "oh my g0d 1t's t3h Tort|_|R3!!!!111one!"

    Protestors at USC refused to leave when ordered, formed human chain, human chain broken in least damaging way possible.

    While I don't necessarily agree with the fact that the cops were deployed at all, this horseshit video by the protestors is a pathetic attempt to catch "police brutality" (not saying it doesn't happen, but come on).

    Full story available:

    And for shits and giggles:
    The liverjournal of the protest group, or one of the protestors, or whatever.

    One of the few cases where pressure points are good ^_^ Sure beats clubbing and CS.

    That is some funny shit, in the old days that would billy clubed their ass...

    Personally I say choke them all out and leave them their.


      I would've loved to see an RNC, but that would probably have gotten a cop in da trouble ^_^


        RNC is considered an overly dangerous choke, if I remember correctly.

        I remember reading about Krav Maga for civil law enforcement and how it's arguably less "powerful" than the civilian form because police have less discretion on the amount of force they can employ.


        Regarding the video, I see it as pretty straightforward: Students protested, most likely within the rules, until nighttime, where the law states there cannot be overnight functions on the campus. Police come in and ask protestors to leave. Protestors refuse, and form human chain. Police need to fulfill their duty to get protestors off of campus due to laws. Police employ pain compliance techniques that most likely did no more lasting damage than a martial arts class or childhood scrap.


          Maybe they should have just kicked them in the kidneys.



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