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[Review] Sprawl Flex Fighter XT Board Shorts

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    [Review] Sprawl Flex Fighter XT Board Shorts

    Review for Sprawl's Flex Fighter XT Board Shorts
    Overall rating: 9/10


    Company & Service: Look's like Sprawl is growing some. They are having a growth spurt and I seemed to have ordered at the cusp of this. As such, my delivery was delayed a few days; 11 days after the order, the shorts were delivered. Not that big of a deal really; that is the kind of "problem" you want in business when more people want your stuff. It must be J-Lau's video getting them all that publicity :tongue5:

    • Cross-side waistband provides comfortable fit. Stays secure through the rigors of training.
    • Triple stitched seams provide maximum strength.
    • Magnum stitched at major stress points.
    • Double layered flex panels in crotch provide strength and freedom of movement.
    • Inside pocket for mouth guard. Off the mat the pocket can be used for money or keys.
    • Split seam up the outside of each leg.
    They really did put a lot of attention into the creation of these shorts. They allow the full range of motion with no issues, thanks to the split, good cut, and the flex material used as part of the crotch panel. The velcro plus drawstring closure gives a flat, but secure, front. Plus, they are comfy in sparring, rolling, and lounging (which is important for long events, etc when you will be in the same clothes for hours at a time). The base material for these is soft and strong.

    Use: Wore them to workout (cardio), kung fu (form work, bag work, and sparring), BJJ (rolling), and at the Throwdown. In every case, they allowed free movement, with absolutely no issue. The freedom of these shorts will really be the standard by which I will judge all other bottoms; it is really like you do not even realize you are wearing shorts/pants, allowing you to focus on the beatdown you are receiving or inflicting.

    Issues: The only downside I have seen so far is that a couple threads at the leg's hem have come loose (not the stitch, but the material itself that was stitched). I am concerned how these will hold up with multiple washing and like my previous reviews, I cannot know how they will hold up to extended use. It is a shame really, since the rest of the shorts are so spot on. Also, they are quite pricey so they damn well better last or I will have to challenge their president to a deathmatch (OK, well maybe their accountant, I think I could at least take him).

    Conclusion: I need all of 1 pair of board shorts for no-gi training and comps. I normally just wear gi pants, since they are relatively comfy. These shorts, though a bit pricey, really are a pleasure to train in and Sprawl's attention to detail and craftsmanship really shows. Also, some of the board shorts I saw were way too flashy for my tastes and the straight black (and even the red) are more of a subtle style that I prefer. I think their growth is well-deserved and that they are poised to take advantage of the growing popularity of board shorts for comps. I definitely recommend these shorts to anyone looking for a good pair of board shorts, barring a cheaper, comparable alternative.
    combat sports hobbyist

    I have to agree :)

    And Ive had my flex fighters for a few months now, washing them atleast once a week, and have no issues with the flex material stretching as of yet.


      i just have regular flex fighters, and they kick ass.
      and yes I was inspired partly by J-Lau to get them.


        Great product.

        It's not a fashion show, but I look like an idiot wearing the shorts.



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