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Hate in a tournament

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    Hate in a tournament

    i just wanna know how you guys are:

    Do you find it better to piss yourself off before a match -think about people/ things you hate (like yellow bamboo or rad ki), or have a friend beat you with a 2X4 till you're angry-
    or to stay calm, even meditate, and just focus? which do you find more success with. Because you see a lot of guys just go out there completely apesh!t and just dominate, and you also see those guys get killed. (i think his name's jason miller? the last UFC vs. George st. pierre :cry: ) and then you'll see guys that just go out there with a purpose who are just focused right on the opponent etc. etc..
    how about you?

    i like to get my 20 lashes before a fight, the pain of the sting of the whip takes my mind away from the pain of the teeth being knocked from my jaw.


      No emotion. Hate will create adreneline and cause tunnel vision. The idea of a tournament is to overcome those feelings of fear and anxiety, not to add to them.

      I fight with a purpose. That purpose is to win. That is all. My opponent is not my enemy. He is an obstacle in the way of a goal. I am not there to maim or kill. I am there to simply win. Any energy that I spend will be toward that goal. Hate, to me, is just misfocused energy. My opponents are nameless, faceless obstacles. They are not worthy of hate. They have done nothing to me.

      Now I will admit that sometimes in the middle of a match I have gotten upset. Maybe someone slams me, talks shit, or whatever. I got kicked in the nuts twice in a kickboxing match and it really took me out of my game. I became overly aggressive, going for a knockout when I really should have been more methodical. I don't remember if I won that fight or not. The only thing that I remember is that I lost my cool and it affected my performance. My coach was yelling WTF are you doing?!?! Thats all I could hear. I must have looked like a spaz or something.

      I will admit that pure unbridled aggression and bloodlust fury can overwhelm an opponent early. Unfortunately if your opponent weathers the storm and keeps their cool you realize you gave them everything you had. You spent your load. And they are still there...and that precios energy might have been better spent later in the fight. There have been times in fistfights where I went absolutely berserk and I steamrolled the guy quickly. But fistfights are usually over real quick. Less than a minute. Whereas tournament and competitions have an endurance factor.


        I've tried both methods, getting mad and just staying focused. I find that when i get mad i end up getting jumpy, and i have the mentality that i'm in a fist fight or something, and lose sight of it being just a competition, and end up making stupid mistakes . i think focusing and relaxing my head a little bit works best for me, personally


          When I was at my last tournament, I was bored. Makes me less tense than angry.
          You're a scrapper, I like that."-Ronin69


            Like Yrkoon says:

            I just get focussed and calm. I enjoy a good fight, so there is usually very little stress for me. I want to win, winning is my goal, and the best way to achieve it is to have a plan and execute. If your plan is to dominate through aggression, then do it; but I prefer to employ strategy.

            Plus, I just love to brawl. Winning is great, but I'd do it anyway.
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            --Scrolls of Bujutsu: Chapter 5 vs 10-14.


              Some of the fighters I train and corner do best by being emotionally uninvolved in the fight.These are cerebral fighters.Hate would interfere with decision making.
              Whereas other fighters do better when they get emotional.Often these are the better athletes.
              Gifted athletes often don't develop the ability to strategise(as Darwin would tell us, because they don't need to).Guys like me who are not specimans get beat up when we match most fighters muscle for muscle.I gotta use my brain.It's all I got.


                Which incidently is why I think the newfangled "release the beast" philosophy espoused by RBSD courses is a terrible innovation that will get people killed.Mostly when we are attacked it is by stronger more aggressive people.Quite alot I amuse myself by trying to fight some 230 pound musclehead blow for blow just to keep training interesting.It doesn't last long.I get beaten down then go back to fighting smart again.


                  I never performed better at a judo comp. than the time my opponent ripped my newly bought pants. I had to go change, came back, thought "You're going DOWN, motherfucker!" and seconds later it was Ippon time.

                  I guess you gotta assess what goes best with your personality.
                  Unless I'm in a "real" fight, I'm fairly timid, so I need to pump myself up somewhat to get aggressive enough while, to take an example we all know, Osiris could probably do with "cooling down" a bit before stepping into the ring/onto the mat.


                    You fight your opponents skill(s), not your opponent.
                    Never make it personal.
                    Never make it emotional.

                    Rookie mistakes.


                      What Ronin69 said.
                      You fight yourself first.

                      About the pre-fight emotion.
                      Some people need to push themself, some people need to calm themself.
                      And it can be different from tournament to tournament.
                      The rpm meter in your car is a good comparison.
                      You want to be in the green zone, too much and you are overly agitated and not focused, not enough and you loose because you are not alert enough.

                      I have seen people who become apathic before a fight, I have seen poeple who where running around like madmen.
                      Music can help, but be sure you have music to calm you as well as to push you.

                      You have to establish a routine :
                      Write down your warm-up.
                      Write down what you want to think about
                      Write down what you want to do immediatly before a fight.

                      Think positive, confident thoughts.
                      Bring that list to your competition and follow it.

                      Have a rescue anker, by that I mean a summary of positive thoughts.
                      I try to remember the following letters for positive self-dialogue
                      ( having to think of letters only allows you to use this method for a quick rescue, if things go bad)

                      S - self confidence ( talk positive to yourself , believe in your abilities)
                      E- Energy ( You are energetic, ready to attack)
                      T- Training ( Think how hard you trained to get here ! Think of what you know)

                      In your training, when you are succesful, let's say a throw in randori, combine this experience with a gesture. Such as making a fist.
                      ( Or shouting "C'Mon" if you are Leighton )
                      Before your fight repeat this gesture.

                      Do not chat with your opponents.


                        Only having one tournament under my belt I can't weigh-in on either option. I went with option #3, Anxiety. Option #3 worked horribly so I think I will opt for the whole "stay calm and focused" thing next time.


                          YOU NEED EMOTIONAL CONTENT,

                          NOT ANGER!


                            Originally posted by Reese
                            NOT ANGER!
                            The man was ahead of his time with such revolutionary ideas.


                              Originally posted by AFS
                              Do not chat with your opponents.
                              Save your words for what comes after the fight.
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