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return of Dan Webre

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    return of Dan Webre

    Posted to PB sometime today:

    Originally posted by Dan Webre
    Just me and a few friends. Up walks this beyond hot dancer. I'd say about 23-24 tops. Perfect body, face, just perfect.
    Anyway next thing I knew she was shaking her G-string in my first bud's face. He quickly pulls out a 20 dollar bill and puts it in her g-string. Not to be out done, my other bud licks a 50 and sticks it right on her left cheek.
    A serious war of one up manship was taking place, which sucked because I was last in line.
    Just like I thought, she goes and shakes it like there is no tommorow in my last buds face. Real up close and personal. He goes and pulls out a hundered and licks the back of it and sticks it right on her other cheek.
    Damn.My turn and I was pretty broke. I was left with the only thing I could think of. I deftly reached for my ATM card, ran it down the crack of her ass and withdrew my friends money, before heading for the door.....

    Ok so I'm not very funny. I had to give it a shot. Sometimes cheap potty humor amuses me.........Sorry-Dan
    Was there ever a more transparent, teenage-boy-wishing-to-be-cool, thinking of something "awesome" then saying it happened to him, story? Ever? I'm actually embarrassed for him. The replies were all like "Dan, you so CRAZY!"

    Best part: I think this was a "Will and Grace" gag. I'm imagining Dan watching "Will and Grace" in a pink terrycloth bathrobe, with a mud mask on.

    I dork harder than any of you can imagine.

    - Hedgehoney

    I'd still hate to be last in line... So I'll just add... OMG Dan, you so CRAZY!!! Though I still can't belive he took his friends money. I would of SLAPED HIM GOOD!


      Sigh, Webre's such a clown.
      Lone Wolf McQuade Final Fight:


        That joke is prehistoric....


          Originally posted by philby909090
          That joke is prehistoric....
          I first heard it in 3rd grade.


            Some rapper did it in a video and raised (another) outcry about sexist rap videos. True story.
            Rad ki was made up by adolescents. I do not know who created trad ki but it was not made by adolescents. your an ass dude, Im not being a little bitch you are, your past the level of a bitch. Your beyond Bitch! If im easting my time with ki and psi, then your wasting time to prove frauds, and all shit like that! -theoutsider

            Kick boxing is ok, but don't expect do beat a man like Rickson Gracie with that. You need a real martial art. You need Xing Yi Quan. -Emptyflower

            The splits, how ever, have a few martial uses. Doing the splits for me, can put my fists in testical strike range.

            dont ignore the Art for the Martial or else your just kick boxing

            Yes i am serious, there are kicks that can block punches. we have them in Moo duk kwan.
            I want to learn how to use them in case my arm gets broken in a fight.
            what would you have me do? if my arm gets broke, not block punches? -sempi-stone


              I thought it was funny, although ripped off from Family Guy (not entirely, but enough).




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