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Martial arts school, or dating service?

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    Martial arts school, or dating service?

    have at it. boys!
    Last edited by poging_pinoy; 4/19/2005 7:55pm, .

    Oh my..."Gainesville, FL"...looks at own location...Oh my.

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      Great! Now you can tell all your friends you contributed something and by the way, how do you find this stuff anyway? Better question...WHY do you find all this?


        WTF is with all the JKD people?




          okay chris you got me again.

          i was posting this site for a good laugh, because i've been reading bullshido since it was "mcdojo", but didnt want to join in....BUT

          these guys are obviously seminar junkies. anytime someone calls boxing "western boxing" i know this guy has had too much JKD. i mean, what self-respecting boxer would call his boxing "western boxing"? i think its sad that someone could rack up a list of arts so long in such a short time (these guys couldnt be over age 28) and then go and open a school. i think for one to LEAD a school he should have the wisdom of an old teacher. there are many lessons to learn and pass on in the martial arts; too many for someone certified by some long distance program to get on his own!

          anyway, i dont want to be known for passing judgement on another martial artist (i am just a beginner), but i really thought it was funny for some kids advertising a school to post dating-service pictures on their site.


            all i can say is, the last girl apparently REALLY wants to get her own fist smashed into her face.

            if that's part of a dating service...



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