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Ron Beer's Shootwrestling Canada

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    Ron Beer's Shootwrestling Canada

    Well I'm looking for a grappling club near me (Markham, Ontario), and I'm looking into Shootwrestling Canada. (
    Does anyone have any experience with it, or its instructor Ron Beer?

    The website claims that Ulysses Castro, who has a win against Dan Severn, is a brown belt there. ( The win is legit, but I haven't seen proof that he trains there yet.

    Anyways, I'll probably check out this place and Rebellion Jiu-Jitsu this week, but if anyone has experience with either, let me know what you think. (shootwrestling is much closer to me, but rebellion has muay thai)

    EDIT: Shootwrestling Canada also has boxing
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    I'm fairly sure my instructor trained under them
    yeah, hes got a certificate for a brown belt on the wall for it.
    from what hes told me they are super good



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