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    Clicking the Links

    Trying to do my part for the site, I clicked a link and got this wonderful auction on E-bay:

    JiuJitsu & Judo Certification Programs


    Winner will receive Judo or JiuJitsu Package of choice .

    Lost your Certificate? , Damaged it ? Have no Affiliation? Your Instructor won't promote you? Wanna recognition certificate? Want to promote your Students? Then this is the program you are looking for . JiuJitsu or Judo Certification Program Backed by the World Martial Arts Organization Alliance Technical Committee and Dan Grading Board . don't pay $ 100s and more for certificate !!!

    Originally posted by Canuckyokushin
    I would so do Buttsecks.

    What's sad is that someone may actually buy this. Not because it's a shame upon the martial arts, but because any fool can print his own certification that sounds legitimate and save himself the money. There are no legal governing bodies in martial arts.
    "Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities." Voltaire.


      Nope, just us to expose these douchebags.


        ya, I saw one for "combat kempo" and combat (insert art here). Came with videos and a Black Belt Certificate

        Cant seem to find them again, hmm.
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