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Orbitz fun for those of you who don't read Maddox.

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    Orbitz fun for those of you who don't read Maddox.


    I did a quick search on "Orbitz" to see if anyone had mentioned this before, and found nothing. I figured this would be pretty important for any of you who travel, seeing as how Orbitz likes to molest its customers.

    I've had 0 problems with Orbitz. Maybe because I make damn sure of the details before clicking to pay.

    The customer service he dealt with was obviously shitty, but I don't know if other similar companies would have a superior experience or a different outcome.


      but I don't know if other similar companies would have a superior experience or a different outcome.
      An investigation? If nothing else we could get a bunch of people to enter travel information into the major travel agencies over a period of time, then check out every suggestion they throw back at us.


        A consumer should be able to determine their travel needs and the conditions of each itinerary before clicking "Buy."

        Maddox was mad that he fucked up, and didn't get a full refund for his error.


          According to the article it seemed that he was told that he'd be able to catch a flight from San Jose into San Francisco, but that there was none. That's completely different from a consumer mistake.


            He's the one that tried saving $30 without fully making sure his itinerary was feasible. The itineraries clearly state Point A and Point B.

            Maddox doesn't say where he's coming from or where he was going. Let's say he's coming from Chicago and going to Tokyo. The connecting flight is in SF. But with his itinerary, it will stop in San Jose before proceeding to Tokyo.

            With this in mind:

            Chicago (A) to SF (B) [to San Jose (C)] to Tokyo (D).

            With his $30 discount fare, he probably didn't check to make sure that there was a flight from B to C. With his regular priced flight, he would go from A to B to D. Orbitz clearly outlines how many stops are in a flight plan, and if there was a connection. He probably saw:

            A to B
            C to D

            Without checking for B to C.

            That's the only feasible possibility I can think of. He claims the info wasn't disclosed before he purchased the flight. It's his word against their's.

            I sincerely doubt the airline companies will be fretting over the "Maddox effect" at the next shareholder's meeting.


              you would be amazed how powerful that guys site is, when he puts something up on his site making fun of someone , they usually beg him to take it down they are so harrassed.


                Yeah, except that's usually internet losers as opposed to actual real corporations.

                EDIT: Nevertheless, I don't want to get burned with something as expensive as plane tickets. I'll avoid Orbitz, just to be sure...
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                  Yeah, I doubt Orbitz will give a shit about him. He will probably have a lot of supporters go and complain on his behalf, but I doubt it will accomplish anything significant. Maybe even a suite against him for harrassing them. (I'm not a lawyer, so I don't know. :P)




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