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    Graphite Staff

    Icon pun? Get it? HAW, I KILL ME!

    Anyway, I'm getting a staff in the near future to practice hitting people with different lengths of sticks. Should I get wood or graphite? We have some club-use wooden staffs now but they split and crack frequently. How durable are graphite staffs under moderate banging stress? We won't be going all out, but we do hit with some force.
    (I'll probably order 1 or 2 rattan staffs as well, but I like the graphite/wood for their two-piece portability -- they'll fit in the non-descript baseball bat bag well)

    What's the difference between this graphite and the graphite in my pencils that's always breaking?


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        I actually did want to know what would make it so durable, since all the graphite I know about is brittle.


          Niether, get an aluminum one.
          I'm not sure about other types of wood, but I broke 2 red oak staves in 2 days after geting them.


            I still have my rattan staff, used to beat the shit out of it (constructively, of course) with other people, and it never cracked, but pieces did fly off.
            If graphite is that extremely light, gay material they use for those damned karate tournaments where the kids twirl them like batons, I would advise against it.
            Uhh.. good luck though, if you do get it, and it breaks, at least you'll realize what a waste of money it was and won't do it again.


     for rattan staffs... very durable, nick knows his shit.

              if you are getting one that's 4ft or less in length try stickman's high-impact plastic ones.
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                If you've got cash to throw around and some spare time, why not get a custom?


                Graphite is light material, as is fiberglas (which I use). It really depends on what you look for in a staff.
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                  I use a heat treated Red-Oak Bo (6ft Staff). The first one broke on me, but then, we were hitting it against a blunt, practice Katana.

                  White oak is really nice, strange to say, but it seems smoother :S. Its a little lighter (or I found it to be), said to be tougher, and slightly more expensive.

                  The graphite stuff does shatter (although i know a few people will argue with me on that). And as for Aluminium, its USUALLY very expensive. If hollow will dent. Aluminium is light, blah blah blah.

                  Tis mostly upto cost, if you have money to splash about, then find the weight, material and type that suits you. By type, i mean tappered ends or straight, lead weighted or not (like pool cues) etc.

                  Hope that helps, even from my n00b status :P



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