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    Shout Outs

    I was recounting my numerous throwdowns and experiences with various Bullshido members, and I realized that it's about time I thank everyone. I believe that you learn something from everyone, so I wanted to give a shout out to all the Bullshido members that I've sparred with or just met up with, for everything they've taught me.

    The San Antonio Crew

    ShadowDragonX, AngelicWarrior, CaptShady, FistofFury, MeatShake, Sherekahn
    To All: For your tireless spirit, enthusiasm, passion for martial arts and the constant willingness to brawl and have fun, regardless of the outcome.

    ShadowDragonX: For the countless hours spent rolling in my apartment. Helping to learn the basics and develop the fundamentals of ground fighting.

    AngelicWarrior: For the not-half-bad sex, and for being a willing dummy for me to practice new techniques on. Seriously though, you've got a lot of heart, and that goes a very long way.

    CaptShady: For the endless hospitality and great attitude shown to me and everyone. And for showing me exactly how difficult a weight advantage is to overcome. Also, for demonstrating that groin kicks are indeed quite painful.

    FistofFury: For exploiting my crappy takedowns and showing me just how effective a guillotine can be against a bad takedown.

    MeatShake: For the great attitude when it comes to sparring with fighters of all kinds. For helping me realize that my takedown defense needs a LOT of work, and how important and open guard game is.

    Sherekahn: Even though we never sparred, props for at least showing up. For your enthusiasm and interest in everything going on. Also, for the excellent wisdom and advice you've passed on.

    The San Marcos Crew
    Antagony, floonine

    Antagony: For your endless willingness to roll and learn new techniques. For being willing to take place in my Dynamic Tension experiment. And for the humor and entertainment.

    Floonine: For your tree trunk legs. They showed me exactly how important it is to make sure you contact with the SHIN for leg kicks.

    The Austin Crew
    Hedgehogey, Muchlove, Phil Cardella (Gracie Austin I think?)

    Hedgehogey: For having the most annoying guard I've ever faced. For showing me details on many subs I was doing wrong. And for showing me many new subs I didn't know. Also for the courage to challenge Shaolin-Do and the subsequent humor and fun it provided. Also, for showing me the finer points on a few takedowns.

    Muchlove: For your amazing attitude and kindness. For keeping heads cool during the Shaolin-Do fiasco. For your amazing skill and open-mindedness. For showing me many new things, and taking the time out to roll with me and show me how bad I suck!

    Phil: For being an amazing fighter and teaching me tons of new stuff. For the hospitality in letting me and friends come up to Austin and train more than once in your school. And for your patience when rolling with this n00b, and letting me try new stuff against a veteran.

    The Seattle Crew

    GajusCaesar, Yuna

    Both: Thanks for your hospitality in letting me stay at your place over the weekend, and providing me with a very enjoyable time.

    GajusCaesar: First and foremost, for showing me how damn important and painful leg kicks can be. First person to really work my legs with kicks, and ever since I've valued them greatly. Sorry again about the nose man.

    Yuna: For being a great cook and providing a great dinner. Also for sharing your experiences in Kyokushin and the Mas Oyama book "Karate School"

    The NorCal Crew

    Wastrel, Xero, and anyone else (I could swear there's more, but I'm blanking)

    Wastrel: For taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet up. For showing me the subtleties of the armbar and triangle choke I was screwing up. For showing me the basics of the suplex, which I have yet to successfully use. And for the wisdom, advice, stories and knowledge I've gained from you.

    Xero: For joining me for at least one UFC. For your hospitality in having me out to Davis. And for your wrestling and groundfighting experience. Helping me work sloppy techniques into more refined ones and realize certain holes in my game. Also for your striking game and helping me develop a better hook. Finally, for knowing several fighters in the UFC, and training in the same school as Frank Shamrock.

    The SoCal Crew

    Omega: For being the single best fighter I've ever had the pleasure of getting schooled by. For making the time for me to stop by. For showing me tons of great new escapes and subs, and some god stuff to humiliate n00bs with. And for buying me the only meal I got to eat that day. Finally, for the numerous funny stories you have to share. I want to have your baby.

    Non-Bullshido Shout Outs

    A few guys I've sparred with aren't members of Bullshido, but still deserve shout outs.

    Bob: Attended several San Antonio throwdowns. Showed me how a well thrown hook can be extremely difficult to see and can leave a black eye for a week. Bob has a great attitude and willingness to learn, despite being a n00b. Has great potential and natural talent. If he keeps it up, he'll go far.

    David and John Martinez: Truly amazing wrestlers I currently roll with. Their great wrestling skill, despite only a limited knowledge of submissions, has helped out my ground game tremendously. Also, they're probably the best guys at takedowns I've ever had the pleasure of rolling with, so they're slowly turning my utterly pathetic takedowns attempts into just kinda crappy takedown attempts.
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    "You all just got fucking owned.";
    "TaeBo_Master and GajusCaesar just scored 10,000,000 points on all you pawns."

    - The Wastrel

    I know you weren't going for a circle-jerk type of thread, but I may as well put here that you were pretty much the guy who helped me into the world of MMA when I finally reached the Martial Arts Age of Reason. As such, I was very enthusiastic to have you shoulder lock the fuck out of me over and over and over.

    Anyway, be sure to let me know if you're ever visiting Texas!

    "blahblahblah, but I don't think I'm going to train tonight."
    "Well if that were true, then I'd really REALLY want to come train!"


      I'm always up for a nice circle jerk, or reacharound or whatever. Just as long as I cum, that's all that matters.
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      "You all just got fucking owned.";
      "TaeBo_Master and GajusCaesar just scored 10,000,000 points on all you pawns."

      - The Wastrel


        *sob* You selfish bastard! You never return the favor!

        "Na'h, they should go to old school rules.
        One guy gets sword and sheild, the other gets a net and a trident.
        Lions eat christians between rounds." - Strong Machine


          How could I forget CrimsonTiger?

          CrimsonTiger: For flaking on me for the Vegas throwdown. Thanks for nothing, fucker.
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          "You all just got fucking owned.";
          "TaeBo_Master and GajusCaesar just scored 10,000,000 points on all you pawns."

          - The Wastrel


            You know you love us. Now move your ass back here!



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