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    Yi Quan

    Just wanted to ask you what is your opinion on this Martial Art?
    From what i've heard its considered to be one of the better chinese martial arts, and it has sparring as a later part of training, but alot of sparring.

    So what do you people think?

    Maybe you should look into arts that don't make you wait fucking two years to start sparring.
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      This art is considered one of the better chinese martial arts, for a reason. Wang Xiang Zhai defined his own method of developing skill, through clear training steps, first you develop whole body co-ordination, then you learn how to apply it, and in the end you learn how to fight. I dont think it should take 2 years to begin sparring, it really depends on the person who practices it, but some have more time than others.

      Yi Quan might also be a solution for anti grappling (as mentioned in another thread about yi quan and taikiken). Wang Xiang Zhai fought with a judoka 5th dan that also had 4th dan in kendo and iaido respectively. When the judoka tried to hold wang, the judoka was thrown with force.

      I dont know if the stories are 100% true but for all i know is that it did not happen too long ago, so there might be still evidence and proof.

      But i didnt ask "What art should i go to" i clearly said "What is your opinion on this martial art?". So, what is it?


        'sup, vampy.
        Where did you hear of it?
        Is there a Yi Quan school near you?
        Haven't heard of one anywhere within 2500 miles of me. . .

        Seems okay, on the surface, but will need a description/review/vids of an existing school.




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