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Ok, this one's a bit convoluted

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    Ok, this one's a bit convoluted

    In the Aussie division of Alcoa, a 15-year employee was fired for gross misconduct in violation of the company harassment policy.

    The crime: Giving a female co-worker a gift of a vibrator and a pair of crotchless panties.

    But the female co-worker wasn't the one offended. It was ANOTHER female co-worker who saw the gifts when they were opened in her presence. So the guy got fired.

    But then the workers went on strike until the company hired him back, suspended him with full pay, then got an independent examiner to probe the incident.

    Job hope for axed sex toy man


    A man who was sacked for giving a female colleague a sex toy and lingerie as an office Christmas gift may get his job back after Alcoa agreed yesterday to suspend him on full pay until an investigation is complete.

    The 400 Alcoa workers who went on strike this week over the dismissal may go back to work by as early as today if they accept a deal negotiated between the miner and the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union.

    The controversial case, in which the man was sacked even though the woman did not complain about the gift, has divided some prominent WA women and created some unlikely allies.

    The Country Women's Association, former Penthouse pet Bree Maddox, Olympic legend Shane Gould and unionist Helen Creed think the gesture was inappropriate - even offensive - but not a sackable offence. But Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner Pru Goward and designer Liz Davenport believe there is a strong case for dismissal.

    It is understood the married man gave the female trade's assistant a vibrator and crotchless underwear at work and told her not to open them in public. But she opened them in front of colleagues who complained to management. The AMWU claims the woman was not offended. Country Women's Association president Margaret Sullivan said the company had no right to make a moral judgment and should only have been concerned that the gift was given during work hours.

    Ms Creed said the gift was offensive but it was not sexual harassment if it was a one-off gesture. She said dismissal was too harsh.

    Ms Gould and Ms Maddox said such items should be kept out of the workplace but both said counselling would have been more appropriate.

    Ms Davenport said dismissal was warranted because it undermined the woman's authority and would have made it difficult for her to work alongside men on an equal footing.

    Ms Goward said it was necessary for Alcoa to take a strong stand to prevent the gesture from setting a cultural precedent, with the gesture generally considered as being intended to humiliate and confront.

    Alcoa's director of WA operations Giulio Casello stood by the dismissal, claiming the company wanted to address cultural problems and attract more women to its workforce.
    A less casual version of events here:

    My take: As the first link suggests, gift-giving on company time, that's questionable and inappropriate. And the content of the gift? Depends on company culture, but some people see lingerie and sex toys as neutral as something like clothes and video games.

    But I've always understood sexual harassment to be unwelcome, sexually themed actions towards an individual. The individual in question here didn't consider the gift unwelcome.

    I'd make another dig at America's stupid zero-tolerance sue-everything culture... but this one happened in Australia so I guess it's okay.

    I wonder what that guy's wife must think of him buying sex toys for another woman.
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      Maybe she picked it out with him.

      "Oh, that one looks positively ORGASMIC! Get her that one! And those crotchless panties back in Aisle 3!"



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