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    Flying knee

    Starting last September I've focused on integrating knees more into my sparring style.

    I feel really cool doing the flying knee on pads. Don't you? :5shocking
    However, the few times I've tried it during sparring (aimed at the chest, not the head since my school does not allow knees to the head) I've missed. I don't seem to cover enough distance. But then getting a running start would totally give it away. Is the happy medium just to have more jump than leap at a closer distance, or what?

    So, to those who have landed flying knees to the chest (or head) in sparring or a fight, or on your wife, how have you done it?
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    Ever consider a bit of clinching?

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      I thought about that match. Honestly I think Kozo was getting cocky because he was beating Kohi up till that point. He got caught off guard. I've also been taught that reaching both arms out like that to clinch is bad since it leaves you wide open. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, as Kohi showed.

      edit: I've gotten "hopping knees" from the clinch, but this thread is about longer range flying ones, not as exaggerated as Bonjasky's though.
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        Flying knees work best when you have your opponent trapped in a corner or against the ropes. They're pretty easy to avoid in the middle of the ring. As soon as your knee makes contact, drive it downward as hard as you can.

        You can also fake the flying knee and turn it into a flying cross, that always fucks me up, I always get hit by the flying cross.


          My flying knee only works during racquetball games.

          Numa ^ 3



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