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    Hey! MY TESTICLE!,,2-2005013091,00.html


    A JILTED girl tore off her ex-boyfriend's testicle with her bare hands - then popped it in her mouth, a court heard yesterday.
    Amanda Monti, 24, grabbed Jeffrey Jones, 37, by the genitals in a rage after he refused to have sex.

    She ripped off his left testicle leaving him in "excruciating pain". Monti, just 5ft 2in, then put it in her mouth to hide it.

    The testicle was later found by a pal of Mr Jones who handed it back, saying: "That's yours." Doctors were unable to re-attach it.

    The victim told Liverpool Crown Court how he had earlier ended their relationship but Monti refused to accept it.

    After a party at his home in Netherton, she wanted sex but he was not interested. There was a struggle and she ripped off his shorts leaving him in his pants.


    I'm no expert on scrotums and testicles, but tearing off balls with bare hands has to involve some sort of unusual physical strength.

    Putting it in your mouth definitely requires some mental instability.

    Thanks, now I have an erection.


      With her bare hands? I would not have thought that was even possible. I guess if that homo had it to do over he would have pumped that "p" and been done with it.


        Maybe only out of fear, but I'd still hit it.


          Yeah hit it with a bit of 2 by 4... ewww
          "If you can get it from my kungfu grip then you can have it... otherwise... step off b*t*h!!!" - Meet the Parents

          "Hetero or Homo I don't see anyone telling him, "NO SIR I WILL NOT TAKE IT IN THE ASS!!!" " - Asia

          "My neighbor has what he calls an "immortality potion" that will let you live forever.
          People have been telling him that it's stupid and will not work... for 1200 years." - Leodom

          Banish Uncertainty
          Affirm Strength
          Hold Resolve
          Expect Death - read in a book


            Haha, I like it!!!!! I never knew you could actually rip a testicle off!!!!!!!

            I think her reason for it was wrong though. He doesn't have to have sex with her.


              Originally posted by Trinity
              Haha, I like it!!!!! I never knew you could actually rip a testicle off!!!!!!!
              That civilisation may not sink,
              Its great battle lost,
              Quiet the dog, tether the pony
              To a distant post;
              Our master Caesar is in the tent
              Where the maps are spread,
              His eyes fixed upon nothing,
              A hand under his head.

              - W.B. Yeats


                Wait a minute...he dumped her and THEN went to bed with her?

                "Hmm, I shall dump my psycho girlfriend, then go to bed with her. I can't imagine what could possibly go wrong."
                Mr Politically Correct GIJoe6186:
                Fat people disgust me in every way imaginable. I was at Freindly's with my girl tonight and saw a bunch of fat fuckers. I felt sorry for the pavement they were killing and the people who had to see them. .


                  I know some I'm this board think I'm conservative, but I have always had this personal rule against dating any girls with a history of ripping testicles off. Call me prude.


                    Damn tiger claw kung fu !


                      I might put steve on ignore for a while.
                      Its nothing personal you understand, I just find the majority of his posts highly desturbing.

                      Originally posted by Stickx
                      It must suck for legit practitioners of tai chi like Cullion to see their art get all watered down into exercise for seniors.
                      Those who esteme qi have no strength. ~ Exposition of Insights into the Thirteen Postures Attrib: Wu Yuxiang founder of Wu style tai chi.


                        This is arguably worse than Ms Bobbit and her...tendancies. As they say, this is proof that god is a woman, because only a woman would try to protect testicles with a thin sack of skin.

                        However, I'm sure that once you got a good hold on one of those slippery little suckers, it wouldn't take too much effort to yank it out. I mean, just think about trying to pull out an eye-ball, and those things can come out with but a little effort.
                        I'm not drowning my sorrows, I'm preserving them in alcohol.


                          I think every MA has at least 1 technique for mutilating the scrotum.


                            Guy = Dumb ass

                            And most disturbing, she looks like the girl who works at Chik-Fil-A that I asked out. I'm glad she said no now.
                            "Quiet fool before I am kicking the butt!"
                            -My three year old trash talking to me

                            "Integrity can't be bought or sold---you either have it or you don't."
                            -The Honky Tonk Man

                            "If you can't be a shining example, at least be a dire warning."
                            -My Father to me one day

                            "No surprise. Until Aikido sheds its street-brawling, thuggish image, it'll never be mainstream."
                            -Don Gwinn


                              Originally posted by Kayne
                              This is arguably worse than Ms Bobbit and her...tendancies.
                              Errrr... i'd have to go with a no... I'd rather have my love tool than my love spew...



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