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Looking for good San Shou/MT school in SoCal

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    Looking for good San Shou/MT school in SoCal

    Been perusing these boards for a month or so now and to say the least i have been amused, educated, and entertained. I think this site is great (although sometimes quite harsh) but through and through a great site. Anyhow.... hopefully someone can help me out here.

    I was training in BJJ for a while mainly to get in shape and to improve my grappling skills. Unfortunately i got injured and pulled a neck muscle pretty badly so i was unable (or more appropriatly "chose" not to train) and since have not trained since than (actually i went back once more but i ended up straining my neck muscle again). Anyhow i intend to get back into BJJ in the future (i've been training on flexibility and core strength currently) but would like to do some striking training.

    Going through the board it seems that San Shou or MT is the way to go... so.... Thank. Can someone let me know of any good schools?
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    I don't know about a straight MT gym. If you want to check out some "JKD" places, both of these a have heavy MT component.

    Orange County Kickboxing (Irvine)
    It's by John Wayne Airport. Arjan Chai comes down several times a year for seminars and to test the students. There's pretty much some class running M-Th from 4-10pm.

    International Kickboxing and Combative Arts (Fountain Valley)
    Across the street from Mile Square Park.


      Thanks alot for the response.
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        Make sure to see a Phase 2 or the 2/3 class. It will give you a better feel of the training. Most people find themselves in those classes after 3-6 months in the Phase 1. Totally depends on the person and how often you go. Phase 1 is the basic components in stand-up.

        Please post your impressions.



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