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A couple of questions about Kickboxing

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    A couple of questions about Kickboxing

    Alright so while driving home, slightly hungover, from my friend's house the day after New Year's, I happened to see a building with a big sign that read "FAMILY KICKBOXING". Crappy name aside, it advertised 'Olympic Boxing' and a couple of other things (can't remember offhand).
    So I came home and went to work (ugh) and the day after that I broke out the telephone book, checked the yellow pages under martial arts, under boxing, and under kickboxing, then checked the white pages under 'Family Kickboxing' and found nothing.
    Then I proceeded to call the place (managed to get the phone number from family members who picked it up while driving in that general vicinity) and got the message 'want to get in the best shape of your life, blah blah blah' and was asked to leave my name, number, and address for a 'free 12 page report' on the kickboxing. Basically I left that information, but asked if it was 'aerobic kickboxing' or actual contact kickboxing.

    So the next day I receive a package (my kikskin gloves have finally arrived?!) but no, it was the 12 page report. After very quickly flipping through it to see what contact fighting (if any) they advertised, without success, I (at least) found the instructors names and 'qualifications'.

    Megan Kelly - Head instructor, black belt (underline) specifically in Kickboxing (/underline) with 11 years experience.
    Ray Blais - Certified Kickboxing coach with (underline) ETS (/underline), the world renowned (underline) Cooper Institute (/underline) <-- (the what?)
    Alain Blais - Certified in Kickboxing with (underline) ETS (/underline)


    I'm praying that they will actually be able to teach me the kicking and clinching aspect of fighting, but inside, I'm almost certain that this will be either
    1) Another wussy contact school
    2) A McDojo
    or something bad along those lines, I lucked out with the boxing gym moving in downtown and close to the bus station, I feel as if all the chances for another decent MA school have vanished.

    However, here's to hoping.
    Oh, the last thing that made me worried.


    6:00-6:45 - Kids class
    7:00 - 8:15 - Adults
    8:30 - 9:45 - Advanced

    The thing that worries me is the length of their classes, but I'm going to be checking it out sometime next week to see if they actually have something.

    I was hoping any Bullshido people with any information on kickboxing or the 'ETS' training facility could help me out.

    Thanks in advance

    ETS is like soccer mom Tai Bo, you can even get your certification via home study.


      Go, you'll have fun beating up on those pussie !



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