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Calling all Tae Kwon Do Guys

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    Calling all Tae Kwon Do Guys

    I am just getting back into it but have some questions for those of you who practice TKD and think it is useful. What styl of TKD do you practice, ITF, WTF, etc? And what techniques have you changed?, example - hitting with shin instead of instep with roundhouse kick. Thanks.

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        I do ;)
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            --Deus Ex Machina--

            Means something along the line of "machine god" right? Thought i saw that exact name from PS2 game Armored Core.

            Anyhow back to the topic,I will tell you from my own experience that I have found it's actually quite hard to adapt other more realistic/more-combat-oriented disciplines' techniques (e.g. Thai shin kick or hands boxing) to TKD sparring and be successful. For a start, shin kicks won't get you any point in WTF sparring - all scoring hits must be from the insteps, even if you knock the wind out of someone doing it, the judges may not award you a single point. Believe me, I have been screwed by the WTF rules and regulations this way for using Thai kicks instead of TKD ones. Another thing that I use often is my boxing techniques but once again the WTF rules and judges are very prejudiced against punching techniques and they don't tend to score that well in the eyes of the TKD judges, unless you really knock the guy off his feet using your punches. The only thing I have found to be useful in some TKD competition is the Thai knee block, not many TKD stylists expect that and it can throw them out of the game by allowing you to fight in a distance that they (TKD stylists) don't excel to well - the mid & close range. They would most of the times expect the person on the recieving end of the kicks to either move back and away, or close the target and thus they can follow up with prancing wussy kicks that they always do.


              The thing is my TKD school is also a BJJ school, the BJJ is real and is taught by a diffrent guy. Anyway I want to quit TKD but if I do I don't know if the TKD instructor (who owns the school) might not let me continue in BJJ. Thats why I wanted to know how to apply TKD to real life. But you can't, so What should I do?


                Deus ex machina= machine of the gods. Refers typically to the outcome of many Greek plays wherein a special effects "god" would come and rain judgement down upon all characters, instantly bringing the story to a neat and tidy close. Today it is commonly used in reference to a rushed and oversimplified ending, i.e. the magical joy aliens in AI or the "when in doubt, blow shit up" endings of ninety percent of action movies.

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                  Deus ex...pretty basic narrative terminology.

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                  Normally, I'd say I was grappling, but I was taking down and mounting people, and JFS has kindly informed us that takedowns and being mounted are neither grappling nor anti grappling, so I'm not sure what the fuck I was doing. Maybe schroedinger's sparring, where it's neither grappling nor anti-grappling until somoene observes it and collapses the waveform, and then I RNC a cat to death.----fatherdog


                    word up tkd boxer, tkd is not the best, but you can try and make it work, heres how
                    1. don't worrie about belt tests; because most of the time they test you on forms and shit, so don't even think about tests.

                    2. spend time at home; take what you lern in class and put it to good use(make realistic combos and shit)

                    3.spend LOTS of time on some basic moves; side kick, roundhouse, back kick, front kick, hook kick, and hand techniques.

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                      The only TKD technique that I can see may work on the street against a moderately unskilled opponent is the penetrating side kick to the knee. Anything else are too risky, impractical or down right useless.


                        You say they dont count thai kicks and boxing punches in tournies?? Just knock the fucker out with those and see if they count that!! haha!

                        I'm not big into tkd, so I can't say much. But I would think that sparring agianst other disciplines would point out the gaps. Find a good open minded boxer or wrestler to train with, or maybe just have someone from your tkd school spar with you, but only using boxing or wrestling techniques (ie: only punch/takedowns/rushing). You can learn a whole lot just by experimenting.

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                          I'd kind of fall under the ITF banner, but we broke with them a while back. I haven't changed much. I did bring a little Muay Thai with me but for the most part it's overlap to some of the things they teach after black belt(more to do with the conditioning of blocking and striking surfaces than any secrets) so my TKD master has never given me grief about it. Also our main turning kick is similar to the Thai round kick anyway, right down to the little step. We contiuous spar every class somewhere between a light-moderate to heavy-moderate level getting heavier as we get closer to a belt test. No pads, punches to the head are pulled. Usually sparring at the belt test is heavy enough(think almost Kuokoshin style) where I always have to to take a week off after it to heal up. This helps get rid of anything overly fancy as you'll get your bell rung if you try them. Also while not encouraged(no pads, no mats) sweeps are used as are leg catches, trips, kicking from the ground and grabbing of arms. Also I've yet to see anyone in class drop a hand into a hip chamber during sparring. Clinching is frowned upon which doesn't bother me as I figure if I'm in a clinch the fight is going to the ground. I also do alot of heavy bag work.

                          Big weakness is gound grappling, has some but nothing that a 1 month BJJ couldn't counter.


                            Thinks about a rose. It is beautiful, fragile but have thorn and its branch/stick/wood/or whatever could be hard. Most people admire rose just because it is beautful. Now thinks the same about TKD, people thinks TKD are beautiful and looks great. Rose are harmless because people remove thorn and clip it and put it in the vase and leave it to die. This is the same thing that happen to the TKD.

                            Now thinks about this, if you clip the rose and leaves off, what will be remain? There will just be branch and thorn which would make it a unpleasurable thing to get tangle in. Try take all fancy kicks and moves out of your TKD and practice only hard core fights.

                            Here is a hint: keep all move that have following:
                            bones against bones, adjust your stirkes so it hits senstive spot (thoart, nose, eyes, under armpit, center line of inside bicepe (where bone is not well protected) and other places), strong kicks that would damage knee or ankle, kicks that will hit person's senstive spots (inner thigh, plevic area, back of head, and other place) and other things. I suggest you to get some anatomy books and studies human body structure then figure out how to damage certain part of human body.

                            That is what I would do, but I never have any experince in TKD so I cannot says too much.

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                              I did TKD for two years, half of which I was instructing.

                              The only useful thing I learned was how to judge kick distance precisely. I can tell when someone is out of range down to the inch usually. People in my school didn't have these flowery kicks that you see...They kicked hard. REALLY hard. And with homo TKD rules, I couldn't grab their kicks. So, I had to learn distance and mobility.



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