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    Originally posted by 5FingazofDeath
    Canibus is one of my top, all time, grand, supreme, favorite rappers to talk shit about. Words cant come close to describe how bad he is.

    Im mean.......DAMN, he REALLY sucks......

    Good Jesus, that's a real West Indian beatin, that's what you get for fucking with this lyrical demon

    "Tell 'em how I'm tired of the state rappers in
    Ninety percent of the shit that rappers kick is subject matter-less
    Not original, but blasphemous, just a bunch of the same characters
    shootin the same videos, it's embarassin
    Usin the same formulas to have a hit
    Usin the same actors and actresses, same shit different laxative
    Face it nigga you wack as shit I'm snatchin your mic"

    A lot of guys talk shit about Canibus, but I just don't hear it. How is that sucktastic?


      While commercial success isnt a indication of talent, Canibus is a broke ass nobody with no skills. I never felt that dude. But on the other hand I never gave him the chance, because from listening to his singles - I never wanted to.


        What Osiris said.


          Yall are sleeping on the wrong cats.

          Talib Kweli.

          El P and Company Flow.

          And check some gogo.


            IT is great. VEry intelligent lyrics.


              Im not touching the whole rap/hip hop/trip hop et cetera defination at all. But Good rhymes, any sort:
              Aesop Rock, Maxi Jazz (of Faithless), Tricky (why not add 3D and Daddy G here too), Fu Shnickens, Atmosphere....


                "I ought to negative rep you, mko818. Please dont troll anymore. He said GOOD rap."

                Like I said, in that category, just random rappers that have good beats to bump, which all those people have.
                And Bone Thugs is better than any shitty ass group you can come up with including GangStarr and Wu-Tang.
                I heard Streets. They suck.


                  holy shit, i just saw somebody actually dis gang starr! fuck... dude... you just kicked yourself out of hip hop.

                  also, i suggest people check out cyne.


                    ok well these are some of the rappers I listen to eric b. and rakim, krs-one, nas, public enemy, immortal technique, talib kweli, mosdef, royce da 5'9, eminem, Lords of the Underground, rass kass, Jedi Mind tricks, Cunninglynguists, BIg L, The roots, wu tang, chino xl, Aesop Rock, Big Daddy Kane some more but I forget atm.


                      Gza? Ahaha. Krayzie kills any of them alone or combined.


                        I prefer the lyrics to Sad Song or Gemini to anything Gza has ever done.
                        Good lyrics=/=metaphors/wordplay/puns.

                        And the thing is, wether he has shitty lyrics or amazing lyrics, Krayzie never sounds bad while rapping, while for Wu it's the opposite for the most part.


                          ever try and rap to tori amos? snow can wait i forgot my mittons, wipe my nose get my new boots on, get a a little warm in my heart wheh i think of winter, put my hand in my fathers gloves (ok nevermind) maxi jazz is underated.


                            I didn't see anyone mention Nas.


                              "Right...You simply have no taste. Krayzie has some of the lamest lyrics I've ever heard. Line for line, he's weak. Krayzie's lyrics, line for line, serve his flow, little else. I think he's definitely a GREAT rapper, but not because of his lyrical skills."

                              Let me guess, 2Pac was a really shitty lyricist too right?

                              "Yes, he can sound bad. Perhaps you didn't hear his solo work? Thug Mentality 1999 was 20 tracks of some of the best work Bone has ever done. It was also 20 tracks of pure shit."

                              Whatever sounds bad from him sounds bad because the production wasn't good. Throw his vocals on anything with a nice beat and it's amazing. Whatever the hell you put a Ghostface verse on it sounds sad.

                              "And then look at the rest of the group. What the fuck is Bizzy doing? And don't even get me started on "L-Burna"."

                              I don't give a shit what they're doing now, they made East 99 which is enough to make them better than anyone else you can name.


                                Old school call:

                                Big Daddy Kane
                                Biz Markie
                                and De La Soul



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