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I'm a terrible liar.

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    I'm a terrible liar.

    I know I've recently created a thread concerning not excercising, but I'm still not excercising, do you think I should wait until after I get emancipated to do so? I'm going through a lot, and thinking about dropping out of high school. I think I should wait a little while before I excercise again, it's just mandatory. Questions, comments?

    Reviewing your previous posts, I'm going to go ahead and label you a troll.

    Regardless, for all the viewers out there;
    Not exercising will not have any effect on emancipated, unless you need to be fast to escape the vile clutches of whatever is holding you back. (ie. stupidity) It will also have nothing to do with being emaciated, for that depends on food intake. Don't drop out of high school, that is the stepping stone to a higher education and capitalism.

    Exercise releases endorphins which are any group of peptide hormones that bind to opiate receptors mainly found in the brain. Endorphins positively affect mood, and reduce the sensation of pain.
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      I had a kickin' bo class tonight taught by a really cool, and proficient, Korean dude... I feel happy from my endorphins!
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        When I started exercising regularly again two years ago, my grades soared. Why? Because I was happier, slept better and had more energy. Sometimes I think getting back into MA singlehandedly saved me from wasting my time in college. Go exercise!
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          I thank you.


            while I'm on the subject, any cheap energy boosters, what's the best protein supplement(I'm leaning toward 50 gram slam), and I need job advice, like what's the best job a 17 year old can get in a small city, what's the best small housing(cheapest)? sorry for the question barrage.



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