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Get together at U of G

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    Get together at U of G

    Ok, Canadian Bullshidoka, and in particular Southern Ontario Bulshidoka.

    Get together at the Univeristy of Guelph.

    This is NOT a throwdown, though it may indeed end in one !!

    just the guys shooting the shit, drinking and eating.

    ( hopefully we'll cause such a mess that all the Guelph alumni will get kicked out)

    Pizdoff shall be enlightening us with details.

    1) Shouldn't this be in the throwdown section?
    2) When is this happening?


      Um, details soon?

      I sent out emails to the guys on Bullshido from Guelph.
      See if the more senior guys have any good suggestions ask where to chow down.

      As for a possible UoGuelph McThrowdown, that is in the works, just talked to the lady in charge and am writing out a polite email detailing our planned scheduale of events. I DO have to be affiliated with a university club, which I kinda am with the MT/Karate thing I guess.

      We'll have to see, didn't expect that complication.

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        Its not a throwdown, its a drink beer and eat wings get together.
        You know, MA bonding.

        Then, when everyone is nice with each other, we go out and break baseball bats with our nads !!

        Kung Hei Fat Choy !!!!

        I have to go, more tomorrow !!


          I know a good tai place.
          :qleft1: :new_cussi :qmickey: :evil7: :XXcat: :XXfish: :5crackup:


            bah^_^ too far away.


              While you guys enlarge your beer gut, I'd probably be sipping on some sprite :(


                Where you from tom?
                :qleft1: :new_cussi :qmickey: :evil7: :XXcat: :XXfish: :5crackup:


                  I'm in. Give me a date. DON'T MAKE IT A THURSDAY OR TUESDAY NIGHT PLEASE?! LOL! At least...try not to. If it's the only night, I'll adjust.

                  "Na'h, they should go to old school rules.
                  One guy gets sword and sheild, the other gets a net and a trident.
                  Lions eat christians between rounds." - Strong Machine


                    Poor kitty, can't miss one training session for a throwdown!?
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                    "You all just got fucking owned.";
                    "TaeBo_Master and GajusCaesar just scored 10,000,000 points on all you pawns."

                    - The Wastrel


                      Let me know when you're going to organize this thing, I'll try to make it.


                        Traditional Tom is all the way up in Sudbury, 4 hours away ahah!

                        Ok, it looks like now the short term is just a get together for dinner or something on a weekend (weekdays are fine with me though) and an ACTUAL McThrowdown is slowly in the works.
                        Surfing Facebook at work? Spread the good word by adding us on Facebook today!



                          Ok I know I am not Canadian but depending on when this is I may try and crash your party. :)


                            Like the Pizdoffester said:
                            Informal lunch/dinner.

                            We can chat about the throwdown while we eat, drink and plan to overthrow the dark overlord !!


                              Oh right I missed the beer part.

                              I know a GREAT pub downtown which has great food and beer.

                              I think Piz said he's been there, the Pennywhistle.
                              :qleft1: :new_cussi :qmickey: :evil7: :XXcat: :XXfish: :5crackup:



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