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    Hurricane Jeanne

    It's about to hit southern florida in 2 to 3 hours.

    Expected to be a category 3 to 4 by the time it hits coast.

    We'll probably lose power again.

    Florida members, please be safe.
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    I'm okay. My power was out for most of today, and just got it back a couple minutes ago. I woke up when it was flashing in and out for about a half hour this morning.

    One of the largest trees in my backyard was ripped out by its roots and almost fell on my house. The back door is entirely blocked by branches, and most of my back windows would have been broken if we hadn't had boards up. I'll see about getting some pictures, since it really looks wild to see this whole tree just learn up against my house, with a circular bench still wrapped around its trunk.

    Other than that, a bunch of trees are down around my neighborhood, but everyone is okay.

    Over and out.


      It's amazing... Are you guys scared? Are you considering leaving Florida?

      On the news in Oz they make it sound like the end of the world over there...

      Hope that you are all safe.
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        I've lived in Florida for all of my 30 years and have been through 2 other hurricanes....but 4?!?! in 6 weeks?!?!? insane...hell no I'm not leaving, Florida is a great place to live...besides, by the time they hit where I live now, it's just some above average wind and rain :)

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          see, you thought it was just ivan, but when you took him to the ground Jeanne came and kicked you in the head! and now his freind karl is probably waiting round the corner with a knife or something...

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            Well, the internet connection at work is down, so I'm sitting at my desk typing this post in advance in Notepad2. So if you're wondering why this is so long, that's why.

            For those wondering "Do you want to leave Florida because of all the hurricanes?", no, not really. Everywhere has some environmental problem; it just happened that Florida had four major ones this year. But it's this or earthquakes, tornados, blizzards, ice storms, forest fires, volcanos, flash floods, mud slides avalanches, etc.

            Where I live in Pinellas county hasn't really been hit by any of these hurricanes, compared to other parts of the state, such as Polk county, which has been plowed over three times now. I think Tampa Bay has been the center of the projected path for most of these storms, at least for some time in each track, but all of them have managed to just miss us.

            I remember after Charly, a lot of people were stupidly disappointed because we really just got one gust about 30 mph and a little dizzle and that was it, and they had been expecting to be a full hurricane. I say they are stupid because if they looked at what Charly did to the places it did hit, you would see that Tampa Bay would have been utterly destoryed. We were no where near as prepared as we would needed to be.

            After this last hurricane, which only hit us at Tropical Storm strength, and seeing the amount of damage it did, I am positive Tampa Bay would have been obliterated by any of these storms if they hit directly. I would guess that the strongest gust we received yesterday was around 75 mph, and this ripped the biggest tree in my backyard out by the roots. This area has been so long without any major storms, that there are trees and structures that have been allowed to grow or be build all over the place that I know are going to come falling down when they meet a real storm.

            On the way to work this morning, I saw a fair number of downed trees and broken limbs, a lot of fences blown over, and store signs knocked over or broken. The most impressive was an old, rusty roof at a gas station fell on the pumps, but while it looked like a big deal, it is obvious that there was no way that piece of junk was going to stay up. The power is out in a lot of areas, so I saw a lot of electrical company trucks making there rounds, along with a bunch of roofers, lawnscapers, plumbers and the like.

            Anyway, I spent most of yesterday sleeping in the dark without power, or out on my porch watching the storm. The power outages actually woke me up in the first place, since the lights in my house kept flickering, and a fan in my room kept turning on and off. The winds were just right that you could sit in front of my house and not get touched, but watch across the street where pine trees were bending in the wind. The day was mind-crushingly boring, especially after having done this for three storms already. We had power during all of those at least. I stayed occupied by doing like 4 hours of stretching (thanks to my new book The Triangle), eating bags of cookies, and trying to eat all the perishables out of the fridge before they went bad. Everyone in my family ate rediculously large bowls of cereal together trying to use up the milk. I had to make a conscious effort to not call Famous Amos cookies "Famous Anus".

            Anyway, I'm rambling now, and it's been an hour at work without internet. I suppose I'll type out some more of my novel-sized training journal.


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                I was sitting on my back porch with my friends smoking pot the whole time. A couple paranoia induced cries of "Holy shit dude it's a tornado!" sent us running inside once or twice, even though no tornado spawned around us.
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         need to stop being so know damn well you that tree wouldn't have been so weakened except you practice toughening your shins by round kicking it 100 times a day with each leg...poor thing never had a chance since you long ago loosened up its roots.

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                  MMA Record vs Llamas 0-1-0
                  (The Llama bit my junk but the ref didn't see it).


                    How could I have forgetten to mention that!? :o

                    Also, maybe my years of training judo throws on it tore its very roots asunder!



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