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    DIY Gear

    ok, let's make this the official diy gear threa - this could get very interesting

    first, a link:

    1) load a dumbell on one side, and you got a clubbell/chishi
    2) take two large jars (you know, the kind they put pickles into) and fill them with heavy stuff - instant nigiri game (gripping jars)
    3) nail a bunch of magazines to a wall and you got a striking pad or makiwara
    4) condition yourself by hitting your body, legs etc. with a hammer (supposedly, tak kubota does / did this)
    5) hang a boxing bag to your chin up bar
    6) if you play guitar, the guitar can be used as a (bad) chishi (but it's better than nothing), the gig bag can be filled with rags or something for a makeshift kicking pad
    7) a microphone stand can be used as a suburito

    If I hit you with a hammer, can you mark it down on my 40 volunteer hour thing?




        I dig that doorway chinup bar. I found similar things like that for about $60 (twice the price of the DIY version).

        A classic training aid we use is part of the pant leg from an old pair of jeans, filled with beans (or sand or steel shot if you're doing iron palm) and sealed up on both ends.

        I also use my children for "odd lifts" :p
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            cool site


              Re: DIY Gear

              Originally posted by Billy Havoc
              4) condition yourself by hitting your body, legs etc. with a hammer (supposedly, tak kubota does / did this)
              A rubber hammer, I guess.


                I'm not sure, apparently kubota is pretty hardcore.

                That said, smacking yourself with a hammer seems pretty stupid.


                  Just because I hve nothing whatsoever constructive to add to this thread, and I think y'all need to know:

                  Kubota is a tractor brand. WTF. Our Deere's are totally more hardcore that ricer-kubotas.

                  :D Do continue.
                  You're just JEALOUS!



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