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    Those crazy Brits,,2-2004432566,00.html Links off the page NSFW but very cute.

    TROOPS' lives are being put at risk by dodgy machine-guns on Army personnel carriers - which can fire at random because of a fault.

    The MoD has refused to withdraw the weapons from service.

    And modifications have been ruled out because of cost - even though top brass have known of the problem for FIVE YEARS, and it could affect the Army's entire 800-strong fleet of Warrior carriers.

    The vehicles' chain guns throw out 400 rounds of 7.62mm calibre ammo in a minute.

    A soldier in Iraq lost a leg after he was riddled with six bullets fired in error.

    But the Army has simply issued warning notices to all Warrior crews telling them to guard against the fault.

    Investigators believe the problem - officially termed "undemanded fire" - is caused by electrical short circuits.

    But other worrying malfunctions include the turret rotating by itself and the back door opening without warning.

    Troops have dubbed the carriers Christine, after horror writer Stephen King's killer car which takes on a life of its own.

    Shadow Tory defence minister Gerald Howarth said: "By allowing this problem to persist the Government are placing troops and civilians in potential danger.

    "Simply issuing a note is less than satisfactory."

    Royal Highland Fusilier Albert Thompson, 35, had his right leg amputated after a Warrior suddenly opened fire on him in Iraq last year.

    Armed Forces minister Adam Ingram said: "There is a very low risk of undemanded firing."
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    Hmm, I wonder how big the risk really is. The news often likes to inflate the danger posed by things like this.
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        I wouldn't downplay the stupidity of the MOD procurement executive. Don't forget the equipment disasters of the last 20 years:

        SA80 saga - the worst assault rifle ever conceived. Too many faults to list, including parts that are melted by NATO bug repellent, randomly ejecting magazines, plastic safety catch, telescopic sight filled with deadly gases and dust cover that slices your hand during cocking. The cost of all the upgrades, repairs and revisions to this weapon is several times the cost of just buying a million or so M16s, FALs, G41s or Steyrs.

        L86 saga - section (squad) support weapon that has a magazine capacity of 30 rounds. The last time this concept worked was during WW2 with the BAR. No other modern Army uses a 30 round machine-gun.

        TRIGAT - man-portable Anti-Tank weapon to replace the MILAN. Problem? It was designed to be carried on an attack helicopter, hence - it's not man-portable.

        APACHE LONGBOW - great helicopter. Brought into service in 1998. Shame we have no pilots until 2006.

        NBC DECONTAMINATION PACKS - yes it's true. They are made up of cat litter.

        HVM - a Surface to Air missile so fast that it has gone past the target aircraft by the time the launch platform has stabilised after launching. By the time the operator sees the target, he has already missed.

        CYMBELINE - until recently the Army's artillery locating radar. Designed in the 50s, has a working analogue computer and valves - not solid state electronics. The model used by the British Army is older than that used by the Iraqi Army during Gulf War 1. This system is only issue to elite units.

        DESERT BOOT SAGA - We sent many many more left boots than right boots to Iraq. We do not have any regiments of one-legged soldiers.

        I could go on.
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          You've missed out the latest Navy fiasco...

          All fire control mechanisms on new ships are to be based around Windows 2000, despite the lead engineers making official protests about its basic unreliability.
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