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    holy cow Unreal 3

    A guy on gamefaq's pc board wrote:
    I don't know how many of you share the same goal as I do when it comes to computer hardware and games. But let me explain myself. For the past 4 years I have read up on doom 3 and anticipated it WAY too much. Don't get me wrong, I love doom 3, I think it was a big success and well worth the wait. But anyway, I saved thousands of dollars and 70 percent of the reason was so that when doom 3 finally came out, I could play it at MAX settings and have it run smooth as possible. Now obviously not everyone can do this type of thing.

    Now allow me to get the the real point of this topic. Unreal 3 engine is coming out in the next year and a half to two years. Aquiring the parts to play it is my next goal, and I have read up alot in order to find out what might be required to play it. And let me tell you, it just made me want to cry. To make things easy, I will list the hardware parts that tim sweeny(head guy with the Unreal engines) estimated will be needed. Now be aware, these values were not his exact words, but the way he talked about what the game should be used with, you could just tell he knew it would take a beast to get the most out of it.

    An incredibly fast 64 bit processor. Most likely around 4ghz-5ghz

    4 gigs of the fastest ram available

    and to top it off.........Either a Dual Geforce 6(6800) series set up, or just the next top of the line card available.

    I don't know about you guys, but this makes me sick. I mean, it kinda makes you not want to buy computer hardware ever again. It's a lose lose situation. You either spend thousands of dollars on BRAND new hardware so you can play the latest games. Or you wait until the hardware is cheaper. But by the time the hardware is cheaper, it is either obsolete, or just doesn't cut it for the next generation of games to come out. So I guess, unless you're incredibly rich, you'll never be able to enjoy new games the way you want to. I guess I better start saving.................... What do you guys think about the whole situation. You spending as much money on this stuff as I am?
    He also wrote:
    The figures I posted may have been rough. But Tim sweeny specifically said that a computer with 4 gigs of ram would give a game with the Unreal 3 engine exactly what it needed. He stated that having so much ram would almost make it possible to run the game entirely on ram. Can you imagine the speed increase from this type of procedure? And yes, I know that obvisouly these things will not cost thousands and thousands of dollarss to upgrade to in the next two years, I was just suprised to see those numbers and recomendations. I also forgot to mention one thing. In fact, it was the thing that boggled my mind the most. Tim actually said that in order to make use of all the games graphical capabilities, you would need a video card with 1 gig or more, of video ram. **** THAT IS ALOT. My new $550 6800 Ultra only has 256. To me this means I will be paying about as much in the future for all this new equipment, as I did now. So the only thing that really sucks, is knowing I will be spending around $2500-$3000 dollars on this game.
    I guess the guy didn't lie because here is an interview with the official unreal creator Tim Sweeny:

    Could you briefly clarify (perhaps with a summarized list of DirectX9 features) what is meant by "DirectX9 hardware as the absolute minimum spec" since there appears to be different interpretations of "minimum DirectX9 spec" from a hardware perspective?

    By DirectX9 minimum spec, we mean we're going to make a game that brings today's GeForce FX's and Radeon 9700+'s to their knees at 640x480! :-) We are targetting next-generation consoles and the kinds of PC's that will be typical on the market in 2006, and today's high end graphics cards are going to be somewhat low end then, similar to a GeForce4MX or a Radeon 7500 for today's games.

    Specifically, all pixel rendering is done via high level shading language, and these shaders are quite complex and are often dynamically and programatically constructed as artists visually put together their own custom materials. All lighting and shadowing are per-pixel, and we support lighting and shadowing techniques that go one or two generations beyond what the major upcoming 2004 games are doing.
    Oh and here is the pic from the game (or engine):


    so what you're saying is....computers are going to be faster and cheaper in the future, and game makers are going to take advantage of that?


      simple, don't play it on the absolute highest settings.


        I played Doom 3 with EVERYTHING turned off. It was alright, though at some points in order to combat the lag I would have to look at the ground.

        However, that is way better than investing thousands of dollars into a system for a game that is already $50.00.


          Whine, whine, bitch and moan. One of the goals of the Doom 3 production team was to have the game playable over several years, so that as computer technology catches up to game capability, players can unwrap even more levels of detail and continue to enjoy the game. So the whiners, who want everything now, are never happy with the mudflation that occurs in gaming. The regular person who doesn't have to have everything now is more than happy. Of course, if a person is that seriously into gaming, than the cost of buying, or even building your own gaming system every 1.5 years isn't bitched about, it's just a fact of life.


            If a game can't be enjoyed without putting details up to their highest resolution, it isn't a very good game. I'm playing doom 3 currently, its lost absolutely all of its 'horror' value, the game is just getting irritating, as I am in hell and they took away all of my beautiful weapons.
            I have the graphics on medium, and I'm still impressed when the enemies get up close, especially the imps, since they are wimps... Im on easy btw :D

            As for unreal 3... who cares about 2 or 3 years from now, you should be worried about whats happening in your current life.


              I diasagree, a game can be played at 800 x 640 and be very fun, as long as the gameplay is there. Mostly it's about single player vs. multiplayer. For example, Gangsta Wars is fun for about an hour, or until you get dual m-60's, robot armor, diamond ring and a buddha necklace, then you forget about it. On the other hand, games like EQ, DAOC, Shadowbane, MOHAA, RTCW, CoD, Half Life, UO, etc are enjoyable for years, even if you can't play at max settings for 2 main reasons: you're playing with other people and not just yourself, and the games have good gameplay to an extent.

              Games that come out that can be played on max settings (for a pc, not console) are poor games that don't have any lifespan built into them for future mods and expansions. They get left in the dust pretty fast. Games that rely on just good graphics fall pretty fast. Those that combine story, gameplay, community, and graphics go far and make big bucks.


                I just picked it up the other day and I'm pretty damn happy with Doom 3. I grabbed the catalyst 4.9b and now I can play it on 10X7 at medium detail.

                I wouldn't worry about this unreal shit if it's a couple years down the road.
                "We spoke to them in the only language they understood: the machine gun"


                  You'll get tired of the 'horror' of it soon enough, and just become irritated and bitter, believe me.
                  Download the mod that attaches the flashlight to the gun, and that brings zombies back to life if you dont chainsaw em... aaand... uh...and it makes the chaingun have 2x the carrying ammo.
                  Its a mega-mod, just d/l it.


                    Lifespan? CS is still breathing. Everquest is still breathing.


                      Tom, is that mod you speak of the "duct tape" mod? I think I'll have to look into that.

                      I like Doom 3 but I'm kind of wishing I bought FarCry instead.
                      "We spoke to them in the only language they understood: the machine gun"


                        that pic was pretty impressive


                          What he said ^
                          "Prison is for rapists, thieves and murderers. If you lock someone up for smoking a plant that makes them happy, you're the fucking criminal." - Joe Rogan

                          El Guapo says dance!


                            Originally posted by Hawkeye
                            Tom, is that mod you speak of the "duct tape" mod? I think I'll have to look into that.

                            I like Doom 3 but I'm kind of wishing I bought FarCry instead.
                            far cry was bad ass, nothing like ramming through a roadblock in a humvee while opening fire at the fuel truck nearby.


                              I played the original Doom when it was released for like 30mins & thought it sucked ;)...

                              Haven't much liked the following FPSs either. Not just my genre I guess; I even like ancient SNES RPGs better...

                              Great graphics in the pic, for sure... But since when did that make a good game? I think the modern game designers should concentrate more on the GAMES, than how they look like. But I guess they'll do whatever people buy.



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