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    Reality Lung Do Kwan Ryu Kung Fu

    I got REALLY bored, so I created a tripod account, and I'm making a website for my own MA, which I am a 10th dan in: Reality Lung Do Kwan Ryu Kung Fu.

    I actually want to make it kind of believable, but I'm putting in all the really iffy stuff like RBSD, family environment, street self defense, belts, lineage trees.

    Any suggestions? Also, I need people to find some really tacky and sucky ass MA equipment for me to advertise.

    "I have many years experience in martial arts. This site and style was everything I though it would be. This guy is the best Reality Lung Do Kwan Ryu Kung Fu practitioner I have ever met!!!"

    "This style is like totally sweet! And by sweet I mean awesome!!1!"

    "It took a long time for me to find somewhere where I could balance my life with special training. Thanks for showing me those secret moves."

    "I've seen this guy kicks.. hard and fast. He can do them repeatedly even while talking normally."

    see now, you have some testimonials
    combat sports hobbyist


      "Deadlier than Sammy Franco's Widowmaker"

      "500-0 record in underground pit fights."

      "The only person the Gracies refused to accept in a challenge match"


        "I have seen (instructor's name) succesfully grapple someone attempting to employ The Shredder."

        (I know that's actually really easy but I just want to piss of Senshido.)
        Originally posted by The Wastrel
        I think the forum's traditionally light-handed approach to moderation has become untenable.


          ahh yes...testimonials. now I need to think up some stupid/military screennames to have "posted" those.


          and the list goes on.

          you know what scares me? I don't know much HTML, but I know a good amount of flash and photoshop, and lycos/tripod's stupid webpage wizard thing actually makes semi-professional looking sites. it makes me feel dirty...


            Love it. Keep it up.


              Put something in there about beating 23 BJJ Black belts with devestating groin attacks.



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