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Is the Swift boat hoax backfire beginning?

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    Is the Swift boat hoax backfire beginning?

    Move over Arnold, cause here comes JFKerry guns blazing and cong killin hero of the Vietnam war. One of them anyway. All you Bush cult-followers better get used to articles like this one; they'll be coming out with reckless abandon now that these swiftboat guys have been proved fraudulent!! I love it!! I love it!! I love it!! Bush's dirty trix will be the death of his campaign. That stupid idiot can't even smear right. He better go get some more one-on-one lessons from Karl Rove. Maybe next time GW, hope you'll have fun in your retirement down in hick-town Texas!!!!

    by Jules Siegel
    August 21, 2004

    As more evidence pours in that the Swift boats attack ad is a hoax, the damage has yet to be determined. Now that Kerry's fighting back, the stunt could blow up in the Republicans' faces. In the latest development, William Rood, the other surviving commander of the Feb. 28, 1969 operation, has come out on Kerry's side with resounding force. Meanwhile Ken Cordier, one of the anti-Kerry Swift boat veterans turns out to have been a Bush campaign operative, a member of their Vietnam Veterans Steering Committee until August 19, when his name disappeared from the Bush campaign site.

    By removing his name, the Republicans have implicitly acknowledged that the Swift boat 527 is hardly some grassroots, independent uprising. Although the typical voter has already pretty much chosen sides by attacking the ad, Kerry consolidates his image with his base. He shows that he's a tough guy who knows how to throw a punch. He also forces the Bush campaign to the defensive and makes them explain their position over and over again, in the course of which they say things that further anger Kerry's base, such as Racicot's "wild-eyed" comment.

    Much of Bush's base will believe the ad no matter what, but many of the persuadables are going to see it as a cheap trick that failed. These voters are the key to the election. If the ad is shown to be a fake and also another nasty Texas-crony and Rove fake, the Bush campaign not only loses a whole line of attack, but is also are wounded with voters it must get in order to win. Bush's credibility with persuadables goes down another big notch. One of his biggest liabilities is that he's perceived to be a liar. He's also looking like a bully. Kerry is showing that he's no wimp. Even when the Swift boat accusers turn to his repudiation of the Vietnam war they will only futher demonstrate that his honesty and integrity. A lot of voters were on Kerry's side of the Vietnam argument, even if they never heard of him at the time. Now they get to see what he said in the most dramatic terms.

    If it's proven that the Bush campaign people broke the rules, they won't be able to run the ad at arm's length any more. Kerry will have shown that he can kick Bush in the groin and knock him down. Even if the FEC refuses to take down the ad, Kerry will have had many new opportunities to show that it's a fake, and that it is a Bush trick, not an independent outburst of indignation. When Bush counter-attacks by challenging the pro-Kerry 527s, they will be able to argue that they are pure and innocent. It's kind of difficult to argue coordination when Kerry is on record as saying MoveOn was wrong. It's also a little difficult to explain away a few rich Republicans in Texas by comparing them to the many thousands of MoveOn contributors.

    Kerry is now throwing a whirlwind of punches. He's showing that he's a fighter. Bush has little to gain in this, because no matter what he says, the story is always that Kerry was under fire in Vietnam while he was in Alabama being a political playboy. Maybe Kerry's wounds weren't all that serious, but he did shed blood for his country, and he did rescue Jim Rasmussen, and all his superiors praised him in the richest terms. All the guys in his boat loved him except for one guy he apparently reamed out who has carried a grudge ever since. Are independents really going to take the word of Bush's surrogates over the men who were there with him in an aluminum boat under enemy fire?

    Let's remember something. Kerry did kill that Viet Cong kid with the rocket launcher. In the testosterone environment of today's kick-slam politics, that is a key fact in his favor. He has shown that he was a decisive and brutal killer, not a preppie button pusher sending other people's kids to die and be maimed. Pacifists may not find that admirable, but on the unconscious level it has very significant appeal to the rest of the voting public. Schwarzenegger is a Hollywood terminator who played the role all the way to the governor's office. Kerry is the real thing. Never underestimate the political value of sadism.

    Maybe the noise machine just shifted to the Kerry side.

    Wishful thinking....
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      Re: Is the Swift boat hoax backfire beginning?

      Don't count on it.

      I realize Drudge is sometimes off the mark but he is usually right and ahead of the rest of the media. Apparently Kerry is worried about these Swift Boat Veterans and is now trying to "make nice".

      I like this quote from the article:

      [quote/b]KERRY: "When we dedicated swift boat one in '92, I said to all the swift guys that I wasn't talking about the swifties, I was talking about all the rest of the veterans." [quote]

      As Drudge says ... developing...
      People of integrity expect to be believed. When they're not, they let time prove them right.


        Originally posted by katana
        Bush acts so pompous, yet he sure has done some truly idiotic things. Hell I would still have his love baby regardless
        Isn't that the truth.


          This is just too funny. The democrats' hands are tied when it comes to this, because they can't argue with it!


            Sometimes it's not worth fighting a pissing fight with a prick.


              Originally posted by MrMcFu
              Originally posted by katana:
              Bush acts so pompous, yet he sure has done some truly idiotic things. Hell I would still have his love baby regardless
              Isn't that the truth.
              Isn't that the truth.
              Sweet! Did you run my post through the Kerry to English translator? You always get wacky unprovable stuff when you do that.


                So far this is working to Bush's favor. By publicly calling for the swift vets to cease their attacks, he has created some distance from the ads. At the same time, he has a position where he can speak out against all 527's including those such as Whether Kerry reciprocates, or whether that will make a difference to the 527's (I doubt it will), is to be seen.

                HOWEVER, what Bush has done is publicy honor Kerry's service in Vietnam but left the door open for others to attack his actions AFTER he returned from Vietnam. The Vietnam vet's claim that Kerry willingly gave the enemy what others were still in POW camps taking torture to not give the enemy resonates with many. If want to get an idea just how toxic this issue is then go to just about any local Marine Corps League, VFW or American Legion and count the number of Hanoi Jane Urinal Targets you still find there.

                I've posted on here months ago that one of the most significant issues in this election is whether or not the Hanoi John label sticks. As long as we don't find out that ROVE did something stupid like directly meet and finance the swift vets, then the Bushies have the upper hand here. It's one of the few shrewd political plays the Bushies have had lately...


                  Kerry's campaign now says is possible first Purple Heart was awarded for unintentional self-inflicted wound...

                  Kerry's whoppers are starting to stink him up pretty good.

                  More to come on this!


                    There are TWO different issues here: His conduct in Vietnam and his conduct after Vietnam. There is plenty of room for both sides to wrestle to conduct in Vietnam issue. I think Kerry is more open to attack on the AFTER Vietnam conduct (as in after he left Vietnam, but not after others were released from POW camps)


                      As I've posted before, I'd have much less of a problem with Kerry if he stuck to his guns on opposing Vietnam and admitted that he had no regrets over his actions because he felt he was doing the right thing. I don't even mind his statements before Congress from the purely First Amendment point of view (although I do have questions about the authenticity and effect on the POWs). What I've always had problems with is his rabid anti-war stance 30 years ago and the gall to come back now and wrap himself up as a war hero. Whoever thought that was a good idea is an idiot. He brought this scrutiny upon himself.


                        Re: Is the Swift boat hoax backfire beginning?


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                            swift boat, swift boat, yeahhhhhhhhhhh swiftboats!!!





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