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Improving kicking speed

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    Improving kicking speed

    FIrst thing I would like to say is, I'm sure that this topic has been discussed before, but seeing as how I tried using the search funtion and not finding much I must now create a new thread. (sorry if this annoys anyone, but Im not trying too)

    Anyways on with the topic.

    Recently I have taken up Muay Thai to add a kick/knees/elbows into my WC punching, and to give my conditioning a extra boast. =)

    When I began. I thought my kicking was decent, but after watching others spar and such its clear that my kicks slower then average.

    I was just wondering for those who use kick on a weekly bases, what exercises you would personally recommend me do to help with my kicking speed.

    Any other suggestions would be greatly apprieciated.

    (again Im aware that this topic has been brought up, and Im truly sorry for adding another)

    This may sound obvious but since you have only recently started working kicks heavily (in comparison to before) the best way is to do tons of the kicks you want to be fast. Don't necessarily practice making them as fast as you can at first, just do them correctly and a lot, then start doing them faster every week or so, you will actually be able to build speed really fast. I also like one-legged squats and circling a leg extended at waist level or higher in a 180 degree arc slowly (front to back). The second is really great for building strength in your hip flexors.


      He said basically everything. The most important ninja secret to kicking fast is kicking alot and kicking with proper technique. The speed'll come naturally over time. For now just work on getting the mechanics down so that the fast kick isnt sloppy as fuck.


        concentrate on and improve the 'scissors' action of the thighs that generates the kick.

        and relax.


          At first, do not train kicking a heavy bag or pad of some sort, just shadow kickbox and focus on releasing that kick quickly and then see if you can be as fast when sparring/pad training


            To increase your kicking speed, push your leg off the ground with your foot. Don't pick up your leg with your thigh muscle.
            If you do this right, the last thing off the ground should be your toes.


              work on balanced stances that allow you to deliver the kick from start to finish with the least amount of weight shifting.

              Do not lean back for each kick as it makes your succesive kicks slower.

              Strength and conditioning has everything to do with how quickly you can perform a movement.

              Do an inordinate amount of leg lifts, sprinting up stairs, and anything that mimics the movement of the kick.

              Pushing off as indestructible mentioned helps too, although you can't always rely on that.

              You should have the ability to lift your leg quickly without the benefit of a pushoff and that takes strength.

              Oh, and listen to kuntaokid.


                Kuntao is correct, RELAX !!
                Every great kicker will tell you, relax when you kick.
                Now, as for training, STOP kicking the air, you CAN'T kick full speed when you do or you fuck up your knees.
                For some people, kicking a LIGHTER heavy bag helps, they try to power heavier bags to much and end up "slowing" their kicks to "put more weight into them".
                DON'T do that !!!
                Kicking in combinations is a great drill as it keeps you moving and you need to be relaxed to pull of combination kicking, also, it makes you kick faster cause you concentraing more on the QUANTITY of kicks being thrown than you are the "power" of the kicks.
                Realise that, a powerful kick is a FAST kick with your body weight behind it, NOT a kick that you try to "muscle" into the target.
                Try throwing as many kicks as you can in a given amount of time, andalays try to beat your last total, but always keep good form.


                  Ohh cool, thanks for all the suggestions so far, I'll try to implement them into my daily training.

                  One more thing I must bring up is flexiblity, some of my classmates at MT class says it helps ALOT. I was just wondering if this was true, becuase my flexibility isn't as great as it used to be.

                  After starting WC it's just gone down hill.

                  Thanks :)


                    What is everyone's opinion on using leg weights (slowly) when kicking?


                      Yes, flexibility will help, it is going to be important in order to be able to relax properly while kicking. Additionally, you don't want to have to force a kick using strength to overcome flexibility issues, it will make them sloppy and rob some of your power.


                        Leg weights can be bad especially if you have sensitive knees or hips. But, I have used them and they did seem to give a good work out. You have to use lots of control with the weights and I'm not sure they added any speed.

                        My coach always says that you can't really increase your speed after a certain point. Some people are just naturally faster like sprinters. But you can improve your timing which will make everything you do seem faster.


                          weights build strength; strength is good.

                          slow controlled movements (while wearing leg weights)are essential to avoid injury.

                          Some people use bungee cords for resistance for faster kicks.

                          The bungee idea also keeps the knee from hyper extending as long as the bungee is angled to give backward resistence towards the end of extension of the kick.


                            Yes, weights r good. I'm going to wear 2 10 pounders on my legs and arms when I start school, as well as a 50 pound weight vest. I also have fist weights but they're 3 pounds each.


                              You're gonna end up looking like a nerdfag version of Iron Man.



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